“Gegard Mousasi has a giant dick”- Joe Rogan discusses a bizarre fact about Bellator’s middleweight champion

Gegard Mousasi responds when Joe Rogan mentions that he's eating a large wiener. This is what transpired.

Joe Rogan on Gegard Mousasi
Joe Rogan on Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi has been on a roll ever since joining Bellator. He is 7-1, has won the Middleweight championship, and has successfully defended it several times. When they square off at Bellator 282 on Friday in Uncasville, Connecticut, he will try to inflict Johnny Eblen’s first defeat in his upcoming fight. Eblen, however, won’t be at all fazed by the intense spotlight of a title match.

He is currently on a four-fight victory run and is coming off a first-round thrashing of Austin Vanderford (see it here). With a 12-1 record since 2016, including victories in five fights with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, “Dreamcatcher” has demonstrated that he is among the best at 185 pounds in any organization.

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“Baby elephant holding an apple”- Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan talk about Gegard Mousasi’s giant wiener

Joe Rogan spotify deletes
Joe Rogan

Joe in one of his podcasts back in 2020 talked about being aware of the fact that Mousasi has a big hog, he discussed this with his long-time, highly intellectual friend, Brendan Schaub. Out of the blue, Joe states, “Bert Kreischer says Gegard Mousasi has a giant d**K” To which Schaub gave his profound insight by stating, “Mousasi has big d**k energy”.

Which basically, infers that Mousasi carries himself in such a way that one can tell he is packing some huge pen*s. Schaub’s insight into the situation is paramount as he is well versed in identifying the subject matter, Here is the clip below matter:-

Mousasi reacted the same on camera on the MMAhour show wherein he stated, “Baby elephant holding an apple”, what that means is up to one’s imagination abilities. Here’s the clip of the interaction, summarising the whole episode.

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