WATCH: “UFC worthy knockout” – Grounded opponent get head kick knocked out in an MMA-style street fight; fans react

Recent street fight captures alarming use of prohibited MMA moves, sparking discussions on the influence of professional fighting leagues on public behavior and safety concerns.

WATCH: “UFC worthy knockout” – Grounded opponent get head kick knocked out in an MMA-style street fight; fans react

Street fight ends in soccer kick knockout (Image via: X)

Street fights have been very prevalent recently. One of the main reasons for it is due to the popularity of MMA spearheaded by the UFC. People try to emulate their favorite fighters in street fights. More often than not, people capture it on video devices and upload it on social media. Recently, a street fight video went viral on social media.


The street fight was between two shirtless men on a concrete surface, possibly near a beach. In the video, one of the fighters knocked the other with a brutal head kick. However, the knockout blow is something that the unified rules of MMA do not allow in professional MMA. The victor of the fight wore grey trunks while the loser wore white trunks.

The fight began with the grey trunks man’s fake front kick. However, the white trunks man counter with a brutal body kick in response. He followed it up with a front kick that dropped the grey trunk man. Furthermore, he landed a soccer kick to the fallen opponent and also a right hook. The fight ended after the white trunk landed a soccer kick on the head of the grey trunk man.

A soccer kick to the head is an illegal move in professional MMA. However, it was legal at the Pride Championships. In addition to Soccer kicks to the head, knees to a grounded opponent are also illegal in MMA in the UFC. However, One Championship allows knees to the head of grounded opponents.


Fight fans react to brutal knockout in street fight

The video of the brutal soccer kick knockout in a street fight did not go unnoticed on social media. It spread like wildfire on various social media platforms and has even got close to a quarter million views on X alone.

Soccer kick knockout in a street fight (Image via: X)

Nonetheless, see how fight fans reacted to the knockout video below.

Fight fans found the video comparable to the first title fight between Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan. Yan landed an illegal knee in the fight and lost the fight via disqualification. A similar incident happened at UFC 294 between Magomed Ankalaev and Johnny Walker. However, that fight ended in a No Contest.

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