“He’s vaccinated and boosted” – COVID-19 affected Jimmy Kimmel trolled by MMA World Champ for canceling show with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert

Jake Shields is known for being against the COVID-19 vaccine as he remains skeptical about it. He recently took a shot at Jimmy Kimmel who was a vocal advocate for the vaccine.

“He’s vaccinated and boosted” – COVID-19 affected Jimmy Kimmel trolled by MMA World Champ for canceling show with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel faces criticism from Jake Shields due to canceling show with Jimmy Fallon (Image Courtesy- Imago)

Undoubtedly, the SAG-AFTRA strike shook up the entire Hollywood industry. The strike has also heavily affected Late-night show hosts who have started their podcasts to support their staff and team. However, popular host Jimmy Kimmel had to pull out of their first show in public due to contracting COVID-19. Former MMA world champ Jake Shields had some strong words for Kimmel testing positive.

Shields has a very active social media presence and took to Twitter, where he sarcastically took a jibe at Kimmel. He said, “Thankfully he’s vaccinated and boosted.” He took a shot at Kimmel, an avid supporter of the vaccine and had strong opinions on anti-vaccine individuals. However, Shields himself has said that he is anti-vaccine.


Shield’s comments about the COVID-19 vaccine have landed him into controversy many times in the past. However, Kimmel was performing with other late-night show hosts, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, for the Strike Force Three show. Kimmel pulling out led to the show being canceled and the ticket buyers getting refunds. He also said that the event may potentially be rescheduled.

However, Shields has spoken about people facing problems due to the vaccine, including athletes facing injuries and medical problems. Shields’s views on vaccines have always been criticized as many fans believe that the vaccine was effective. Nevertheless, Shields continues to speak out about his beliefs on Twitter regularly.

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Fans react to Jake Shields taking a jibe at Jimmy Kimmel

Shields is one of the most active fighters on social media and often gets into controversy due to his political, social, and cultural views. However, he also has a huge fan following who support his ideas and beliefs. Check out some of the fan reactions to Shields calling out Jimmy Kimmel:

Jake Shields
Jake Shields (Image Courtesy- Newsweek)

Kimmel has not publicly responded to Shields’ criticism. However, in the past, Kimmel has spoken out against the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. Fans will look forward to Kimmel potentially responding to the MMA fighter’s comments.

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