WATCH: Just BEAT IT! ‘Michael Jackson’ doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Las Vegas has fight fans in splits

In an unexpected twist, a Michael Jackson impersonator demonstrates impressive Jiu-Jitsu techniques, transitioning from a triangle choke to a bulldog choke.

WATCH: Just BEAT IT! ‘Michael Jackson’ doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Las Vegas has fight fans in splits

Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas doing BJJ (Image via: X/Rob Nakamura)

Michael Jackson is the most famous pop star in the world. Fans still remember the icon even after his death. As such, people still impersonate him. It is a frequent happening on the streets of Las Vegas. Now, a video is going viral on social media of an impersonator showcasing Jiu-Jitsu skills.

In the video, the Michael Jackson impersonator has a friendly spar with a man. The man punches and kicks the impersonator. However, the impersonator takes the fight to the ground. Surprisingly, the impersonator had good Jiu-Jitsu skills. He first goes for a triangle choke and transitions to a bulldog choke. The hilarious incident happened some time back but is still going viral.


Former UFC champion Israel Adesanya is a big fan of Michael Jackson. Adesanya channeled his inner Jackson before his fight against Sean Strickland with an Instagram post. However, Adesanya lost the bout and is now on a self-imposed hiatus.

Moreover, Mike Tyson was a close friend of Jackson. Tyson still has fond memories of The King of Pop. Adesanya had even danced when he walked out at UFC 244 when he won the title from Robert Whittaker.

Both Tyson and Adesanya were in Riyadh recently to support Francis Ngannou in his bout against Tyson Fury. Adesanya and Kamaru Usman walked out with Ngannou along with Mike Tyson, Dewey Cooper, and Eric Nicksick. Moreover, Tyson was in Ngannou’s corner for the bout. Even though Ngannou lost the bout via split decision, the boxing community praised Ngannou for his performance.


Fans react to Michael Jackson impersonator’s BJJ Skills in Las Vegas

The video of a Michael Jackson impersonator doing BJJ captivated the martial arts world on social media. He impressed with his grappling techniques while dressed in the iconic Michael Jackson attire against a man on the street.

Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas doing BJJ
Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas doing BJJ (Image via X/Rob Nakamura)

The impersonator’s skillful execution of BJJ moves while staying in character turned him into a viral sensation. See how the MMA community reacted to the video on social media.

The Michael Jackson impersonator’s viral success in BJJ highlights the acceptance of unconventional approaches in modern martial arts. The popularity of this unconventional figure also emphasizes the role of entertainment in modern sports. Characters like the Michael Jackson impersonator introduce new entertainment dimensions to sports.


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