“Can’t sit here with all these excuses”- Logan Storley responds to Michael Page’s derogatory comments after their fight at Bellator 281

Logan Storley slams Michael Page for trying to undermine his victory at Bellator 281, he says Michael is a good fighter but he's no match for him.

Logan Storley taking down Michael Page
Logan Storley taking down Michael Page

Michael Page faced Logan Storley for the Bellator’s interim welterweight belt at the main event of Bellator 281. Michael Venom Page is one of the best fighters on Bellator’s roster, and fans were expecting him to win this fight.

It was a classical striker vs grappler matchup and Logan executed a perfect game plan to hold Page down for most of the fight. Nobody got a finish, and Logan came out victorious as he got the better end of a split decision. Fans were enraged by the scoring because Logan didn’t actually inflict any damage on his opponent. Page, on the other hand, got Logan good on several occasions.

He did significantly well in the middle rounds, and effective damage is the top-scoring criterion according to the unified rules of MMA. Bellator president, Scott Coker was disappointed by this decision, and he believes what Logan did was not MMA. Coker claimed Page knew he was facing a wrestler, but his opponent played things a little too safe, and the referees should’ve scored the fight accordingly.

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“I stood up with you for probably 10 or 11 minutes”- Logan Storley silences haters for his performance at Bellator 281

Michael Page vs Logan Storley
Michael Page vs Logan Storley

Page also criticized Logan for his fighting style, and Logan responded to the criticism in a harsh manner. Talking to MMA Fighting, he said, “I think he’s a great dude and he’s a hell of a fighter and I respect the hell out of ‘MVP,’ but at the end of the day, you couldn’t stop a takedown. You couldn’t stop anything I was doing on top. You couldn’t get away from me. Anyone that has a problem with that, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Logan added, “I stood up with you for probably 10 or 11 minutes of the fight, why didn’t you drop me? Why didn’t you hurt me? I gave you all the time in the fourth round, we were both tired, why didn’t you knock me out? All he said before the fight was, ‘It only takes one second.’ Why didn’t you do that? That’s my question. If you’re so good, why didn’t you knock me out in that one second that it took?”

“You can’t sit here after the fight and come up with all these excuses. I stood on the feet with you for eight to 10 minutes and you couldn’t hurt me. If you’re the world’s best striker and you’re so dangerous and it only takes a split second, well, you didn’t find it,” Logan concluded.

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