WATCH: ‘Wrong on all levels’ – Peacemaker gets FLATLINED with MMA-style punch in cr*zy street altercation

Shocking street fight escalates despite peacemaker's efforts, culminating in a powerful knockout punch, reminiscent of techniques used by renowned fighters like Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder.

WATCH: ‘Wrong on all levels’ – Peacemaker gets FLATLINED with MMA-style punch in cr*zy street altercation

Peacemaker knocked out (Image via: X/Fight Haven)

Popular X account Fight Haven uploaded yet another interesting street fight video. In the video, a peacemaker who tried to defuse the situation suffered a knockout from an MMA-style punch. The incident rapidly evolved from a verbal dispute to a physical altercation.

The peacemaker attempted to calm escalating tensions between the two opposing men. However, one of the individuals quickly turned the situation violent as he delivered a knockout punch to the peacemaker. The peacemaker was shirtless and was very eager to not cause any problems. The altercation started as a minor disagreement. However, it intensified despite the peacemaker’s efforts to mediate.


The punch by the man was both swift and powerful as seen in professional fighting. The peacemaker was knocked down instantly. The peacemaker went down like opponents of power punchers like Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder. They are the most powerful fighters in MMA and boxing respectively. Ngannou recently made his boxing debut against Tyson Fury.

Ngannou is with the PFL and the promotion has plans to make a super fight between Ngannou and Wilder in 2024. The PFL recently bout Bellator MMA and thus has the roster to rival the UFC. However, in the press conference at UFC Austin, Dana White criticized the merger.

MMA community reacts to shocking knockout of Peacemaker in street fight

A peacemaker’s knockout by an MMA-style punch in a recent street fight shocked the public. The incident’s rapid escalation from a verbal dispute to violence captivated people on social media. The public altercation elicited varied reactions from martial arts fans.

Peacemaker knocked out cold
Peacemaker knocked out cold (Image via X/Fight Haven)

Social media buzzed with comments and debates. The public’s response ranged from shock to concern. Some fans sympathized with the plight of the peacemaker. However, others applauded the power and technique of the aggressor. See the reactions of fans on X.

Many expressed disbelief at the altercation’s intensity, especially the knockout punch. Public safety concerns dominate reactions. Moreover, there were calls for increased measures to prevent similar incidents. The event underscored the need for a better understanding and responsible practice of self-defense.

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