WATCH: “She should sue him” – Innocent ring girl gets jaw cracked by frustrated MMA fighter losing championship fight

In 2016, an MMA fighter punched a ring-card girl in frustration after a loss. This incident highlights the emotional nature of MMA.

WATCH: “She should sue him” – Innocent ring girl gets jaw cracked by frustrated MMA fighter losing championship fight

MMA Fighter Punch Ring Card Girl (Image via: X/Fighthaven)

In an alarming incident in 2016, an MMA match concluded in turmoil when a fighter violently punched a ring-card girl out of frustration due to a loss. This had instigated a wave of concern within the combat sports realm. Discussions centered around fighter behaviors and safeguarding non-combatants inside the ring. The video of the incident was shared on X by the X handle Fight Haven.

In the video, emotions flared shortly after the judge’s decision. The fighter reportedly lost his temper turned away and punched the ring card girl. There were speculations that the blow resulted in a severe injury to her jaw. However, no such injury happened to the ring-card girl. The fighter was punching in frustration eyes closed and the ring-card girl just happened to be there.

There are many instances even in the UFC where the fighter did not adhere to discipline. In a recent crosser boxing match, Dillon Danis was disqualified and went to attack Logan Paul but was stopped by security. Moreover, Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped out of the fence after defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 229.

Nurmagomedov jumped at Dillon Danis who was in McGregor’s corner. Incidentally, Leonardo DiCaprio was seated near Danis at the event and he even recounted the incident in a later meeting with Nurmagomedov.

Nurmagomedov has also slapped Artem Lobov, a close aide of Conor McGregor during the fight week of UFC 223. The incident resulted in McGregor retaliating by throwing a dolly at the bus carrying Nurmagomedov. MMA is a sport where there is a huge mix of Adrenaline and emotion and hence it is no surprise that the fighters get involved in unnecessary skirmishes.

Combat Sports Community Reacts to the Video of MMA Fighter Punching the Ring Card Girl

The video of a fighter punching a ring-card girl has sparked widespread condemnation on social media. Critics argue that such occurrences blemish MMA’s image, which often attributes violence-centric stereotypes to MMA fighters. It also needs to be noted that the misconduct doesn’t mirror the values of the vast majority of respectful MMA athletes.

MMA Fighter Punch Ring Card Girl
MMA Fighter Punch Ring Card Girl (Image via: X/Fight Haven)

See how the fans reacted to the unfortunate incident on social media below.

There are intensified calls for tighter rules and more severe sanctions for fighters who commit violent acts outside the sanctioned bouts. Holding fighters accountable for such misconduct is very important in preventing similar incidents. The UFC and other top MMA organizations have security personnel around to prevent such things. Interestingly, the situation at UFC 229 was pivotal for the UFC’s increasing security personnel.

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