WATCH: Guy gets ‘sent across Spider verse, and back’ in UFC-style knockout in dorm room fight

Two young guys agreed to fight for a small audience, which resulted in a brutal knockout.

WATCH: Guy gets ‘sent across Spider verse, and back’ in UFC-style knockout in dorm room fight

A video of a brawl in a dorm room got the attention of fight fans (via X)

A video of two guys fighting in a room was recently spreading swiftly on the internet. It featured two young guys exchanging blows and full-out fighting. It seemed that the guys mutually agreed to fight. Also, a small group of people were present to witness the brawl. As such, they went into action and it resulted in one guy getting battered up.


To describe the guys on the video, one guy was shirtless and the other wore a white vest. As soon as they received a command to fight, they swung hard at each other. But the shirtless guy got the better of the other one. He seemed to know some boxing techniques as he leaned back and countered with hard punches. At one point, he knocked down the other guy.

Later, the white vested guy came hard for revenge. And that was when he went hard and rocked him. Soon, some people around him intervened and stopped the fight.

As much as this can be fun for the people watching, a brawl results in serious damage. In this case, the white vested guy got hit on the head multiple times. This might cause serious brain trauma.


A violent act, no matter for what reason always ends up on the wrong side and causes trouble to the doer. They might even face legal issues depending on the act. Even the famous Conor McGregor has faced lawsuits for fighting in public. So, always refrain from indulging in violence.

Fans react to the dorm room fight

Two guys fighting in a dorm room got a lot of traction on the internet. In the video, they both got into a brawl that was mediated by their friends. They had a small group of people to watch their fight. As the shirtless guy knew some fighting techniques, he unleashed them on the other guy.

Two young guys fighting in a dorm room (via X)

It was all fun and games until one guy got brutally hurt. They stopped the fight after he got wobbled on his legs. MMA fans reacted to the video on the internet. Here are a few interesting reactions:

The fans showed mixed emotions regarding the brawl. Some even analyzed the fight. As such, a fight setting without proper sanctioning is just a pathway to trouble. Young guys tend to do this a lot in schools and colleges. But it always ends with severe repercussions.


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