Watch: “No robots in the UFC please” Mark Zuckerberg training video breaks the internet

Watch: “No robots in the UFC please” Mark Zuckerberg training video breaks the internet

Mark Zuckerberg and stills of his MMA training.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and one of the richest individuals in the world, made some waves with his new Instagram post. Zuckerberg, recently posted a short video of him all geared up and having a MMA sparring session. In the caption, Zuckerberg gave a shout out to his training partner in the video and mentioned that wishes him for his upcoming UFC debut.


The video took the internet by storm as nobody expected Zukerberg of being a MMA practitioner. In the video, it can clearly be seen that 38 years old is actually pretty good and it’s not a show off. Even though it was sparring, Zuckerberg was connecting some good shots and was defending himself as well.

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Twitter reacts to Mark Zuckerberg training MMA and posting on his social media

Paddy Pimblett Mark Zuckerberg
Paddy Pimblett vs Mark Zuckerberg

The video went viral and got a lot of attention on the internet. It got a series of mixed reactions and most of them were incredibly funny. Here are some of the most notable ones.


An user hilariously suggested that Zuckerberg should fight Conor McGregor for a UFC Interim title.

“Fuck it McGregor vs Zuckerberg for the interim title”

Another user thought that Zuckerberg would be a great opponent for UFC welterweight superstar, Khamzat Chimaev. He shared a meme where Chimaev was saying,’ I’m going to kill him’ which is from a random clip.

“Feed him to Khamzat #UFC #MMA #UFC279 #Chimaev #Zuckerberg”


There is meme surrounding Zuckerberg where people consider him as a robot which is due to his weird expressions and way of talking.

A user sarcastically complained that robots such as Zuckerberg should not be allowed to be a part of UFC.

“No robots in the UFC please”

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Another user mentioned that Mark will have a genuine advantage over others due to him being an android robot.

“Won’t he have a distinct advantage, being an
and all?”

With Jeff Bezos being buffed and Zukerberg training MMA, an user gave the idea of both of them fighting each other in some sort of championship.

“Can we get a billionaires fight league? Him vs bezos for the world rich championship”


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