Monday Night Raw 3 August 2020: United States Championship

Apollo Crews retained his Title against MVP even with the interference of Bobby Lashley

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Apollo Crews Defeated MVP via Pinfall to retain the United States Title.

The Match

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During opening introductions, the lights briefly dropped. Something that happened again as Crews was in the ring, with the announce team blaming the issues on “weather in the area.”

Before the match, MVP claimed again to be the true United States champion after Crews was unable to wrestle at Extreme Rules.

The lights flickered again as the match started and continued to flicker periodically through the match. After some early back-and-forth, things got a bit nastier with big strikes before MVP was pulled out of the ring by his Hurt Business crew, only for Crews to hit a huge dive onto the three men.

Lashley tilted things back MVP’s way by taking Crews out while the ref was distracted. MVP trapped Crews in the corner and hit a big series of elbows before Crews fired back, hitting a big spinebuster for a two count.

Moments later, Crews hit the sit-out powerbomb for the win. Lashley tried to run in and lock up the full nelson, but Crews escaped the ring.

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After the match, MVP claimed the flickering lights made for “unsafe working conditions.” MVP said he didn’t care about Crews’ wife or kids, he just cared about the rematch and he wants it at SummerSlam.

This was a solid, if unspectacular, match to open the show. But there are certain points to be had for ending the “real United States champion” story, even if there’s no reason at all for a SummerSlam rematch.


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