Jorge Martin urges his team to ‘keep dreaming’ as he wins back-to-back GP’s

Jorge Martin returned to the 2023 MotoGP title race with back to back race wins.

Jorge Martin urges his team to ‘keep dreaming’ as he wins back-to-back GP’s

Jorge Martin (

Jorge Martin earned his 37 points at this weekend’s frantic Japanese GP. The Spaniard took the Sprint race win and was the victor at the Grand Prix on Sunday. Martin is now only 3 points short of Francesco Bagnaia in the Title race. The Japanese GP was a flag-to-flag wet race, which saw the lead exchanged multiple times. Japan’s weather was unrelenting, and the Grand Prix had to be called off under red flags with 12 laps still to go.

Martin was declared the winner – as he led the last completed lap before the first red flag of the race. The results were determined similarly: Bagnaia finished second, and the mercurial Marc Marquez claimed the last step on the podium. Has been leading the championship consistently for the majority of the season.

Martin has closed down the Italian’s lead significantly in the last two Grands Prix. The Spaniard said [as reported by] this after his win at Motegi: “We are close in the Championship, but we’ve arrived in this situation thanks to our mentality, to keep pushing, to keep pressure on him, trying to win races and enjoying the moment.. and we need to keep dreaming until the end of the season.”

Pecco, the reigning world champion, will be keeping an eye on his back mirrors for Martin. The remainder of the season appears to be a straight fight between the duo. Martin has already declared that he and his team have eyes on dethroning him.

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Francesco Bagnaia teases a Honda exit for Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez was finally back on the Podium at the Japanese Grand Prix. The Spaniard’s podium return came at Honda’s home Grand Prix. The Honda rider was put on the spot at the press conference that followed the Sunday race.

Francesco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez (via planetsparks)
Francesco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez (via Planetsparks)

Marc was bombarded with questions about his future and the likely exit from Honda for Ducati. The famous number 93 was deflecting questions about a possible exit from Honda at the team’s Home race. Pecco quipped amidst the queries, saying, “Bye, bye Honda!” Marquez awkwardly smiled back: “No, why?” [Marquez laughed out loud in response to Bagnaia’s comment].

It is rumored that the 8-time World Champion will be moving seats to a Ducati Satellite team in 2024. The entire world awaits the majestic rider’s fate with bated breath.

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