WATCH: When junior MotoGP riders channeled inner Mike Tyson and got into a fistfight at Le Mans after a collision

Jaume Masia and Kaito Toba were sanctioned for their physical tussle at the FP3 session at 2022’s Le Mans GP.

WATCH: When junior MotoGP riders channeled inner Mike Tyson and got into a fistfight at Le Mans after a collision

Jaume Masia and Kaito Toba (via Gone)

Jaume Masia and Kaito Toba belong to the junior class of the World Championship – Moto3. The following incident took place at the climactic race of last season at Valencia. All the Moto3 riders were out on track in the FP3 session in early November last year when Masia and Toba got into a trackside fight. The fight was the result of a collision between the two riders.

Masia, the Spaniard, tried to overtake Toba from the inside at T11 of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. The CIP Green Power rider – Toba, appeared to leave a big opening before cutting back for the apex and eventually colliding with the Spanish rider. The pair continued to blame each other after their slog through the gravel. The Japanese rider, Toba, was seen tapping Masia on the side of his helmet, initiating physical contact. Masia responded with a strike at the Red Bull KTM Tech3 rider (who was still wearing his helmet).

The duo continued to push each other, prompting the Marshals to intervene and separate the pair. Both Toba and Masia were sanctioned for this incident. Both the riders had to start the Spanish Grand Prix from the Pit lane and adhere to a long-lap penalty each. The FIM also levied a EUR 1000 fine on both the riders as punishment for their physical altercation.

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The big boys lead the way: Maverick Vinales and Francesco Bagnaia’s physical fight at Le Mans

Sunday, May 14th, was a prestigious moment for our entire sport as Moto GP celebrated its 1000th Grand Prix. The momentous race took place at the Bugatti circuit – which is located within the iconic Circuit de la Sarthe. This occasion was tainted by a physical altercation between two of the fastest riders on the grid this year, Maverick Vinales and Francesco Bagnaia.

Maverick Vinales and Francesco Bagnaia (
Maverick Vinales and Francesco Bagnaia (

Pecco and Maverick got into a tussle following their crash in the Grand Prix. The pair were battling over 3rd place on the 5th lap of Sunday’s grand prix at Le Mans when the Aprilia rider threw his bike inside Bagnaia at Turn 11.

Vinales appeared momentarily ahead of the Italian before Pecco turned into the corner and collided with the Spaniard. Vinales was spotted being visibly angry at the Italian and seemed to push him first. Pecco soon responded with a push while the duo kept exchanging seemingly fiery words.

The pair spoke of the incident to Pecco said, “No, I’m not angry with Maverick, I didn’t like the reaction [from him in the gravel] because, for me, it was a bit too aggressive. But when you have that adrenaline, it can happen.”The Spaniard commented, “It’s a shame because I passed him very clean, but, from my point of view, he could have left a bit of space in this change of direction.

The stewards didn’t have to intervene, and no rider of the two was penalized for the incident. Marco Bezzecchi won the illustrious Grand Prix as Jorge Martin and Johann Zarco filled the remaining two spots on the Podium.

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