“My final offer,” KSI provides ultimatum to Jake Paul for their highly anticipated fight

KSI has now given Jake Paul another chance to fight him and has provided his terms that should appease Paul.

“My final offer,” KSI provides ultimatum to Jake Paul for their highly anticipated fight

KSI and Jake Paul (image credit- The Sun, Marca)

KSI and Jake Paul have been beefing with each other ever since they entered the celebrity boxing realm. While his brother Logan Paul settled his rivalry with two fights, Jake has yet to do so. As such, KSI laid out his last proposal to Jake Paul for an eagerly awaited boxing contest. Initially, Paul was set to fight Mike Tyson on July 20 but was called off due to an unforeseen health issue for the aged Tyson. 

This was after the former champion had an ulcer complication, which led to the delay of the fight until November 15. After the news, KSI turned to social media to ridicule Paul for fighting a senior citizen. Subsequently, the YouTubers who had transitioned into boxers reignited their rivalry and again began speaking about boxing showdowns. 

Jake, I'm going to be making you my final offer. May 2025, just so you have all the time in the world to be ready 
KSI via JJ Olatunji YouTube channel

Hence, KSI shared a video on various platforms showing his last effort to resolve the ongoing talks that were stopping him and Paul from proceeding with the fight. The 30-year-old expressed his thoughts while addressing ‘The Problem Child’ and gave him a final date for their fight. 

In addition, KSI even offered to conduct the fight in America to appease Paul even more. Furthermore, he offered to fight him for 185 pounds, which they had already discussed at one point. In the end, KSI remarked that if Paul didn’t move forward with this, it would mean he never wanted to fight in the first place.

KSI is set to fight in 2v1

Beyond the offer that KSI presented to Paul, he also made a huge announcement. It was that he would be returning to the boxing ring for a 2v1 boxing showdown against two influencer boxers. In October 2023, KSI suffered his first loss when he was defeated by professional boxer Tommy Fury

KSI, Jake Paul
KSI (image credit- Boxing Scene)

Following this, he has dedicated his time to his ventures beyond boxing. However, now KSI is ready to step back into the ring and will return for a unique match. As such, the YouTuber proposed a tag-team 2v1 fight against Anthony Taylor and Slim Albaher in a huge main. Taylor has a background in Bellator as an MMA fighter and currently holds the title of Misfits Boxing’s light-heavyweight champion. 

Similarly, Albaher is the reigning champion of Misfits Boxing in the middleweight division and is also known for his victories on YouTube. Furthermore, Albaher reacted to the news by claiming that KSI did not want to lose in a fair fight. 

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