‘I think that is the way they need to be,’ Ryan Blaney backs NASCAR, severely penalizing RFK Racing for the ‘funky’ changes made to its car

Read to find out Ryan Blaney's reaction to the penalties imposed on RFK Racing

Ryan Blaney
Ryan Blaney and Brad Keselowski

Ryan Blaney was in support of NASCAR’s decision to slam Brad Keselowski and his team RFK Racing with a heavy price to pay as the No.6 Ford Mustang of RFK Racing had an illegal modification which was discovered after a teardown inspection of the vehicle in NASCAR’s Research and Development center.

Brad Keselowski and his team were stripped of 100 driver points and 100 owner points respectively following the thorough inspection of the vehicle. Also, Brad’s crew chief, Matt McCall was fined a whopping $100,000 and if Keselowski qualifies, another 10 points will be docked.

Of course, this decision from RFK Racing didn’t sit well with others and Ryan Blaney of Team Penske was one of them. Ryan Blaney felt that it was completely necessary to let everyone know that rules exist for a reason and no one can get away with it.

“It is a pretty severe penalty. Hopefully, we stay clear of that,” says Ryan Blaney on the penalties imposed by NASCAR on RFK Racing

Ryan Blaney
Ryan Blaney

Ryan Blaney had only one thing to say when asked during the post-race interview on this incident, he bluntly said that the team deserved what they got. He went on to say that he and his crew chief, Jonathan Hassler had discussed what RFK Racing did and agreed to the fact that it was a big penalty and that NASCAR made it clear that they won’t tolerate such ignorance of the rules and regulations.

“Yeah, it was a big penalty. As far as my position goes, we talk about what we think they did and what we think they were doing. I and Jonathan talked about it and we kind of understand that the penalties are pretty severe. NASCAR made that clear to us in the off-season,” stated Ryan Blaney.

He further added saying that it is the way to be done, as NASCAR made an example of RFK Racing, he also said that no one will learn if you don’t put the smackdown on them. He concluded by saying that he hates that it happened to Brad Keselowski and RFK Racing concluding that it is a pretty grave penalty and hopes that he and his team stays clear out of such retributions.

“Honestly, I think that is the way they need to be. If you are doing something funky and wrong, how is anyone going to learn if you don’t put the smackdown on them? It is nothing against those guys at all. I think that is the way you should do it. I hate it for Brad Keselowski and all of them. It is a pretty severe penalty. Hopefully, we stay clear of that,” concluded Ryan Blaney.

Now we know that NASCAR is pretty stringent when it comes to its rules and regulations and that anything unlawful will be tolerated.

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