“I was on fire for multiple laps,” blows continue making it an unforgettable 2nd season for Hailie Deegan in the Truck Series

Read to know how Hailie Deegan is having a devastating season in the Truck Series this year as she is yet to come out of the track with a satisfactory result

Hailie Deegan
Hailie Deegan

Hailie Deegan who competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in the No.1 Ford F150 for David Gilliand Racing has yet another terrifying race this week on the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The 20-year-old California native seems to have no luck this year either owing to the fact that her rookie year was also pretty disastrous even though she had an amazing start.

She yet again ended her race in the first few laps as her cockpit was full of fumes and he couldn’t get herself to safety. Her treacherous incident was the show stealer despite Corey Heim securing a win in his fifth career race.

Hailie Deegan’s tragedic career doesn’t seem like changing anytime soon

Hailie Deegan
Hailie Deegan is in fumes during this Saturday’s Camping World Truck Series

Hailie Deegan had a pretty good start as a rookie last year but as the season came to an end, she ended up dropping down to 17th place in spite of staying in the top 10s. Unfortunately, she gets caught up in other pile-ups which have drastically affected her chances of finishing strong.

Hailie Deegan has said that she was on fire for multiple laps and yet she continued racing after she got hit by Colby Howard’s No.91 Chevrolet from behind before pulling up into the pitstop as the smoke entered her cockpit and she couldn’t make it out on her own.

“I was on fire for multiple laps, I started suffocating and couldn’t breathe with the fire extinguisher and black smoke engulfed the truck on pit road. I couldn’t get out because I couldn’t see the window net,” Hailie Deegan said.

The crew finally got Deegan out but she has already slipped to the 33rd position on the points table and is expected to finish no better than 25th this year. If it’s any better she has to try to make her comeback in the next race at the Circuit of Americas. Since there isn’t much to do now, Hailie Deegan shall take whatever she can, in the end, to remain positive.

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