WATCH: Kyle Larson hilariously blasts his mother with car noise at Sonoma victory lane

Kyle Lason had a great race on the way to win at Sonoma.

WATCH: Kyle Larson hilariously blasts his mother with car noise at Sonoma victory lane

Kyle Larson (Via IMAGO) and Jennet Larson (In circle via screenshot @Jeff-Glauck/x)

Hendrick Motorsports driver Kyle Larson secured his third win of the 2024 season at Sonoma Raceway. The race win came after an impressive performance by 2021 Cup Series champion and the great strategy from the HMS No:5 Chevy crew chief Cliff Daniels, earned him the win alongside the P1 spot in the championship.

After the race Kyle Larson had his family around him to celebrate the win. Unlike the usuals the Chevy drivers’ mother, Janet Larson, as also present at the race and was scene cheering for her son. The HMS driver pulled of a prank on his mother while he was on his way to the victory lane after the burnout celebration.

A proud Janet Larson was seen taking the video of her son driving into the Sonoma victory lane while waving at him. Larson after passing, stepped on the gas blasting the sound of the car towards Janet who was shocked and suddenly closed her years. It was wholesome moment the family can laugh about during the dinner.

Kyle Larson was unaware about his team’s race strategy

One of the charterers that makes Kyle Larson great racer is that unlike most of the other racers in the grid, the HMS driver is only concerned about racing the car and doesn’t care about the strategy or the mechanical part of the car. His policy is simple give him a good car and he will race the hell out of it for the win.

Jeff Gordon and Kyle Larson
Jeff Gordon and Kyle Larson (Via IMAGO)

It was the same thing that happened on Sunday at Sonoma as Larson has close to no idea about what was the strategy Daniels and crew had for him. He went there and executed following the instructions when they were given and scored the win.

I didn’t know what we were doing as far as strategy. I was just out there banging laps away. I don’t know, we study all the strategy, but it’s like doing homework. I don’t really know what I’m looking at.
Kyle Larson said.

With the win, Larson has secured P1 spot in the championship and with Denny Hamlin blowing the engine on lap one has erased the deficit with the JGR driver he had after missing out on the Coca Coal 600. The battle for Regular Season title is one between the two and it will be interesting to see how it will playout.

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