MotoGP welcomes NASCAR team Trackhouse Racing as a new Aprilia team for 2024

Trackhouse Racing has won 6 races in NASCAR with only 108 races.

MotoGP welcomes NASCAR team Trackhouse Racing as a new Aprilia team for 2024

Trackhouse Racing's Justin Marks on the newly launched MotoGP bike (Credits: MotoGP)

Trackhouse Racing, a formidable name in the NASCAR domain, is orchestrating a shift as it ventures into the world of MotoGP, taking the reins of the Aprilia satellite team for the upcoming 2024 season. This strategic leap forward unveils an intriguing chapter in the team’s trajectory, defying initial plans for a 2025 MotoGP debut.

Justin Marks, the enterprising owner of Trackhouse Racing, articulated the economic rationale behind this audacious move, as quoted by Sports Business Journal said;

It’s one of the most valuable motorsport championships when you compare the price to play versus the reach, exposure, and global engagement with fans. 

Marks, a self-professed “student of the game,” emphasized his impassioned commitment to exploring diverse motorsport realms, underscoring the team’s accelerated entry into MotoGP amid unforeseen circumstances with the now-defunct RNF Racing. This transition doesn’t merely signify a change in ownership; it’s a meticulous preservation of continuity. 

Trackhouse Racing is retaining the dynamic rider duo of Raul Fernandez and Miguel Oliveira, adding a layer of stability and familiarity to their maiden MotoGP campaign. The revelation of the RS-GP bike bedecked in a captivating all-American design, serves as a visual embodiment of Trackhouse Racing’s fervor for this exhilarating new venture.

Trackhouse Racing’s entry aligns with MotoGP’s goal of expanding its reach in the USA

The unexpected nature of this move aligns seamlessly with MotoGP’s burgeoning American influence. The recent appointment of Dan Rossomondo, formerly associated with the NBA, as Chief Commercial Officer at Dorna, attests to the series’ concerted efforts to expand its footprint in the United States.

Yamaha's Quartararo at the MotoGP US GP
Yamaha’s Quartararo at the MotoGP US GP (Credits: Monster Energy Yamaha Motor Racing)

Beyond the immediate change in ownership, this transition from RNF Racing to Trackhouse Racing is emblematic of a broader vision. Trackhouse Racing aspires to transcend the realm of a mere racing team, envisioning itself as a global motorsports entertainment juggernaut. The decision to plunge into MotoGP in 2024 is not merely opportunistic; it’s a calculated step to harness the series’ untapped potential for colossal growth, not only within the United States but on the international stage.

The resolution of the rift between RNF Racing and Dorna serves as a pivotal backdrop, providing Trackhouse Racing with an opportune entry point into MotoGP. As the team navigates this uncharted territory, there’s a palpable commitment to delivering more than just riveting on-track action. With a deliberate focus on cultivating aspirational stars and crafting an unparalleled fan experience, Trackhouse Racing aims to be a transformative force in the MotoGP landscape

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