Ex-NASCAR driver Danica Patrick escapes the Black Rock desert Burning Man Festival ‘swamp’

The festival was scheduled to be held from 27th August till fourth September.

Ex-NASCAR driver Danica Patrick escapes the Black Rock desert Burning Man Festival ‘swamp’

Danica Patrick (Via IMAGO) and A woman trying to move through the swamp conditions at Black Rock desert (Via @Discovery230892/X)

The Burning Man is an annual week-long festival held in the Black Rock desert. The festival is supposedly focused on self-expression and radical self-reliance, which attracts thousands of people from around the globe. The festival had an attendance of nearly 80,000 people this year. Still, everything soon went haywire due to a late summer storm, which trapped thousands of individuals in a muddy pit, including Danica Patrick, former NASCAR and IndyCar driver.


Patrick took to Instagram to explain the incident and how she escaped the festival. She claimed that it took her nearly four hours to make her way out as she got stuck three times on the way. However, she claimed that everyone’s natural reaction was to help each other in difficulty, which sheds a positive light on the current situation.

“Made it out. Stuck 3 times and it took 4 hours … but on pavement. The challenge from weather really helped show everyone’s true nature at BM and it was to step up and help each other… Too bad that couldn’t be our full reality but for now …. It’s one magical week in the desert. Or swamp this year,” Patrick posted on her Instagram story.

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Danica Patrick recently made controversy with remarks regarding women in motorsports

Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick (Credits: PlanetF1)

Danica Patrick is the prime role model for women aspiring to make their name in the male-dominated world of motorsports. She is the only woman to have won a race in the IndyCar series. While it would be expected that she would have a female-centric point of view regarding women’s involvement in motorsports, her comments on the topic during the Hungarian GP were very surprising for everyone.

When asked whether she would like to see women compete in Formula One, she bluntly said that the nature of the sport is very masculine and women would find it hard to survive here. She claimed that F1 requires an aggressive mindset, which women don’t inherently possess.

“I think that the nature of the sport is masculine. It’s aggressive. You have to, you know, handle the car – not only just the car because that’s skill, but the mindset that it takes to be really good is something that’s not normal in a feminine mind, a female mind… You just want to go after them, and that’s just not a natural feminine thought,” said Patrick.

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