Denny Hamlin claims NASCAR is ‘lucky’ to have Steve Phelps as president

Steve Phelps has been working for NASCAR since 2005.

Denny Hamlin claims NASCAR is ‘lucky’ to have Steve Phelps as president

Denny Hamlin and Steve Phelps (Via IMAGO)

Since getting promoted to the role of NASCAR President in 2018, Steve Phelps has introduced a lot of changes to the sport. With decisions such as banning the confederate flag, the Next-Gen car, and the Chicago Street Race, he has made a lot of fans happy and frustrated. But despite some backlash, he is strongly moving forward to make his vision for NASCAR a reality.


Joe Gibbs Racing veteran driver and 23XI Racing co-owner Denny Hamlin is a big supporter of Phelps. He recently explained why he believes NASCAR is lucky to have Phelps in the leadership role. Hamlin understands the president had a lot of responsibility on his shoulder and have respect for his leadership abilities. He revealed that Phelps is the first person to always greet the NASCAR drivers before the race.

Steve has had a tremendous amount of responsibility put on his shoulders. I have the utmost respect for him and what he is as a leader. He’s one of the first guys that will wish you luck on the grid on every Sunday, walking in nearly every car and showing his presence and showing his leadership.
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The three-time Daytona 500 winner pointed out that, Phelps is often going into tough executive meetings after meeting the fans, hence this gesture has a lot of meaning to the drivers. He asserted that Phelps is hard-working and that NASCAR is lucky to have him as the leader.

And then probably as soon as he gets done with the grid, having to go and have tough meetings with executives on our TV deals or tracks or something. The guy works as hard as anyone in the industry. We’re all very lucky to have him.

From NFL to NASCAR: Steve Phelps had a unique journey

Steve Phelps graduated from the University of Vermont and went on to do an MBA from Boston College. He was able to showcase his management and marketing skills and land at NFL where he spent 14 years working as Vice President, Corporate Marketing, starting in 1990.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps gives Ryan Blaney the 2023 Cup title
NASCAR President Steve Phelps gives Ryan Blaney the 2023 Cup title (Via IMAGO)

Before joining NASCAR, he worked as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wasserman Media Group. In 2005 he was hired as the Vice President of Corporate Marketing of the premier stock car racing body.

He was promoted to the role of Chief Marketing Officer in 2016 and then to the role of Senior Vice President in 2010. After three years in 2013, he was once again promoted to the role of Executive Vice President. In 2018, after working with NASCAR for 13 years he was appointed as the COO.