WATCH: “Get Dale Jr. on the show pronto”- Fans go wild over Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘Love it’ comment for AJ Hawk’s Dale Sr. tribute

PMS, hosted by ex-NFL player Pat McAfee, is a lively sports talk show with entertaining, unfiltered coverage.

WATCH: “Get Dale Jr. on the show pronto”- Fans go wild over Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘Love it’ comment for AJ Hawk’s Dale Sr. tribute

RIP Dale #3 sign that AJ Hawk bought (Left, credits: X) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Right, credits: Sports Casting)

In a recent episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” co-host AJ Hawk took center stage in a heartwarming and unexpected moment that left fans in awe. The show, renowned for its entertaining mix of football-centric content and engaging with its audience, unfolded a unique and emotional sequence during a live broadcast at James Madison University.

The hosts handpicked a participant from the crowd who held a poignant sign that read, “RIP Dale #3,” paying homage to the legendary NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt. Pat McAfee, demonstrating his trademark blend of humor and respect, called for a moment of silence to honor Earnhardt’s memory. The crowd hushed, creating a poignant atmosphere that added a layer of significance to the ensuing events.


As the silence concluded, McAfee set the stage for a $5,000 basketball shot, declaring, “This one’s for 3. AJ Hawk, 5000 dollars.” The timing of the shot, following the emotional tribute, became a pivotal element in the unfolding narrative. In a stroke of what some may call destiny, AJ Hawk’s challenging shot swished through the net flawlessly, sparking enthusiasm from the James Madison University crowd.

This video was circulated on social media, specifically on Pat McAfee’s official account. Dale Earnhardt Jr., former racer and the son of the legendary racer Dale Earnhardt Sr. weighed in enthusiastically. He expressed, “I love it,” accompanied by a laughing emoji, sparking an outpouring of emotional and excited responses from fans. The video amassed over 150 comments and garnered over 1,000 engagements, reflecting the fervent reaction within the racing community.

Fans brand the Pat McAfee Show as the greatest show on ESPN

Overwhelmed with joy, fans on X couldn’t contain their excitement after Junior’s unexpected comment. The collective response was one of sheer delight, with many urging the quick inclusion of Earnhardt Jr. on “The Pat McAfee Show.” One fan desired to see Pat McAfee on a NASCAR broadcast, underlining the unexpected thrill sparked by the interaction.

The Pat McAfee show
The Pat McAfee Show(Credits: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier)

Emotions ran deep as fans reminisced about their racing hero, with a wave of “Do it for Dale” comments contributing to a shared moment of reflection. Fans unanimously declared The Pat McAfee Show as a standout on ESPN, expressing hopes for its continued success. A particularly enthusiastic fan even dubbed the event as one of the “top ten moments of sports journalism.”

After AJ Hawk’s successful shot, fans attributed the victory to more than just skill. A prevailing sentiment emerged that Hawk had received a blessing from Earnhardt’s spirit, adding a touch of magic to the heartwarming occurrence of fans rallying behind their cherished show.

In conclusion, the heartwarming convergence of sports, emotion, and fandom, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s “Love it” comment ignites wild enthusiasm among fans, amplifying the magic of AJ Hawk’s memorable $5,000 shot.


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