“A woke company, Jimmie ruined a team”- Fans react as Legacy MC announces the exit of Noah Gragson following George Floyd meme controversy

Legacy Motor Club has replaced Noah Gragson with Mike Rockenfeller following his suspension.

“A woke company, Jimmie ruined a team”- Fans react as Legacy MC announces the exit of Noah Gragson following George Floyd meme controversy

Jimmie Johnson (Left, credits: People) and Noah Gragson (Right, credits: The Economic Times)Jimmie Johnson (Left, credits: People) and Noah Gragson (Right, credits: BroBible)

In a surprising turn of events, NASCAR Cup Series rookie Noah Gragson has decided to part ways with Legacy Motor Club (LMC) following his suspension for engaging with a controversial social media post. The 23-year-old driver was indefinitely suspended by Legacy MC last weekend due to his online conduct, which was deemed to violate NASCAR’s code of conduct.


Gragson’s suspension stemmed from his interaction with a meme criticizing the late George Floyd on social media. This action, albeit seemingly innocuous, triggered a chain of events that led to his suspension from participating in the Cup Series event at Michigan International Speedway on August 6, 2023. Fans were left divided, with some showing support for Noah Gragson’s accountability and others criticizing Legacy Motor Club’s management.

Taking a proactive stance, Gragson has formally requested a release from his contract with Legacy Motor Club, stating his intention to navigate the NASCAR reinstatement process. Gragson’s desire for a second chance to shine in top-tier NASCAR racing is evident as NASCAR.com quotes Gragson, “I love racing, and I am looking forward to a second chance to compete for wins at the highest level of NASCAR – and most importantly, make my family, my team, and the fans proud of me once again.” 

Cal Wells III, CEO of Legacy Motor Club, commended Gragson’s talent and accountability, expressing confidence in his comeback: “Noah has a ton of talent and has a great personality. This is a difficult situation, but we are proud that Noah has taken ownership of his actions and are confident he will work through this process with NASCAR and come back stronger.”


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Fans believe that Noah Gragson-announcement is just a PR stunt

Noah Gragson and Jimmie Johnson
Noah Gragson and Jimmie Johnson (Credits: BroBible)

The news of Gragson’s departure from LMC resonated strongly on social media, particularly Twitter. Fans flooded the platform with a wide spectrum of reactions. While some commended Gragson for taking responsibility for his actions, others seized the opportunity to criticize Legacy Motor Club and its performance as a racing team.

Amid the influx of tweets, a recurrent sentiment emerged among the fans – a feeling that Legacy Motor Club, formerly Petty GMS Racing, had lost its competitive edge. The team’s recent rebranding as Legacy Motor Club had drawn attention earlier this year, with notable figures like businessman and entrepreneur Maurice J. Gallagher and seven-time NASCAR Cup Series winner Jimmie Johnson at the helm. 

However, fans expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s current trajectory and performance, even going so far as to label their efforts as akin to a “tractor.” Criticism was not solely reserved for the team, as some fans directly blamed Jimmie Johnson for the team’s alleged decline in performance and for ruining the team in less than a year. 


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