Greg Ives takes blame for Alex Bowman suffering a concussion in Texas

Find out about Alex Bowman’s crew chief Greg Ives taking the blame for his drivers sitting out of the Talladega playoff race due to concussion.

Greg Ives
Alex Bowman and Greg Ives (Images via IMAGO)

Alex Bowman was forced to sit out of the Talladega playoff race due to the concussion he suffered after the Texas crash. He will not return to racing next weekend at ROVAL. Noah Gregson replaced Bowman in No:48 Camaro at Talladega and will do the same at Charlotte.

Tire failures took out most of the drivers in Texas. It was the reason behind Bowman’s crash. Greg Ives, the No:48 crew chief has a different take on it. Ives, who will quit as Bowman’s crew chief at the end of this year has taken the blame for the crash.

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Find out what Greg Ives said

Greg Ives
Alex Bowman and No:48 Crew Chief Greg Ives

Greg Ives pointed out that it’s ultimately upto him in making sure his driver is in the safest spot. He said, “It’s all about togetherness as far as I’m in the sport with NASCAR, with Goodyear, with the race teams … so ultimately, it’s my job to try to make sure my driver is put in the safest spot possible,”.

Greg Ives said that the decision he made in Texas throughout the race prompted the crash of Bowman. He added that he could have done some things differently. Ives pointed out that looking at himself in the mirror before looking out at the crowd is his philosophy.

So, for me, the decisions I made probably throughout the Texas race ultimately caused a crash, and [I’m] thinking that I could have done something different. That’s how I look at things. I look in the mirror before I look out into the crowd,” Greg Ives said.

Greg Ives had been through a similar instance when Dale Earnhardt Jr. suffered the same fate in 2016. Greg had already taken the blame for that incident. He added that it’s his nature to ultimately find out what he could have done better in such situations.

“Being through this before with Dale, and I talked about it a little bit on his [podcast] that I felt like his accident or concussion was put on me. That’s my nature; that’s who I am. No matter what anybody else says that’s ultimately what I’m going to think, and I’m going to hope to help improve it,” Greg Ives added.

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