“He is an amazing road racer and an F1 champion but that is hard for anyone to do,” Ryan Blaney deems F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen’s return to NASCAR will be ‘dreadful’ for the racer

2022 Texas All-Star Race winner Ryan Blaney shares his thoughts about Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen returning to NASCAR

ryan blaney
Ryan Blaney(L) and Kimi Raikkonen(R)

Ryan Blaney who sports the No.12 Ford Mustang for Team Penske competing full-time in the Cup Series finds F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen’s return to NASCAR will be a difficult experience for the racer given the changes in the sport in which he was once used to.

Ryan Blaney has had an exceptional season so far with no wins racing for points but took home a 1Million USD prize money as a result of winning the Texas All-Star Race and has attained six top 10s and five top 20s with an assured spot in this season’s playoffs and is definitely capable of winning the championship given his skills behind the wheel.

Kimi Raikkonen will make his return to NASCAR at Watkins Glen this year as a part-time racer for Trackhouse Racing under PROJECT91, an initiative taken by NASCAR to exhibit the skills of other racing format drivers in this stock-car racing sport. He isn’t new to this sport as he already took part in 2011 competing in the Xfinity and Truck Series for Kyle Busch Motorsports.

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“It is hard to tell. I am not sure. I feel like it is going to be tough,” says Ryan Blaney on Kimi Raikkonen switching from F1 to NASCAR

ryan blaney
Ryan Blaney celebrates his Texas All-Star Race victory

Ryan Blaney was questioned about Kimi’s performance in the Next-Gen car and he responded that it’s pretty tough to tell how one will perform with just a few minutes of practice and I’m really uncertain as to how it’ll end up for one of the best racers on roads out there and they can’t take it someplace else to practice which will go against the rules.

“It is hard to tell. I am not sure. I feel like it is going to be tough to just jump in it with 20 minutes of practice. He is an amazing road racer and an F1 champion but that is hard for anyone to do. To jump in a new car. I don’t even think they can go test anywhere with that thing. the rules don’t allow it,” said Ryan Blaney.

He further added by saying that it will be a lot on his part as he is new to this Next-Gen car and also the track, given that he’s an amazing driver, Blaney is just anticipating to see how Kimi Raikkonen will race at Watkins Glen and concludes by saying that it would be strenuous on anyone in his shoes to get started with the constrained time for practice.

“It will be tough just jumping to something brand new. Going to a place where he hasn’t run much and try to learn a new car and everything will be tough but he is a great race car driver and I am excited to see how he does. It will be tough for sure. It would be for anybody. It will definitely be tough for him to get going with the limited practice that we’ve got,” concluded Ryan Blaney.

With Ryan Blaney standing 2nd in the points table, he surely has a shot at the championship this year.

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