‘It’s going to be tough for either one of our two teams to make the playoffs,’ Brad Keselowski acknowledges that lack of pace is hindering RFK’s playoff chances

Find out what Brad Keselowski had to about his 2022 season so far and how he expects the upcoming Sonoma Race to playout

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

NASCAR will hit the 1.99 miles of Sonoma Raceway in California for the 16th round of cup racing and the second Road Course Race of the season. The Toyota/ Save Mart 350 will see the drivers going all out on the track in the Next-Gen car hoping to see the victory lane and a potential place in the playoffs. Sonoma being the second cup race of the season means the race has the potential to showcase how good the new generation car can be at the road course.

The RFK Racing No:6 Ford Mustang driver and team Co-owner Brad Keselowski will be getting into the race track hoping to revitalize his season that has been a roller coaster ride after his team was caught for unauthorized remodeling of car parts which earned them severe penalties. Brad Keselowski is yet to secure a top 10 finish after the season beginner at Daytona and over the last 5 rounds had only one top 15 finish to his name.

Now Brad Keselowski has come forth to express his thoughts on how the 2022 season so far has been for him and how he expects to bounce back.

“We made initially a lot of headway, and we haven’t had a very good month,” Brad Keselowski on his 2022 season so far

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

Bard Keselowski acknowledged that his team failed to keep up the initial headway they have made and the last month of racing hasn’t been good for them. He went on to say that he felt like they were going to have a really good may but that hasn’t happened to them and the reason for that is either in their control or not. He acknowledged that the last two weekdays were unfortunate fir him.

We made initially a lot of headway, and we haven’t had a very good month. I felt we were going to have a really good May, and that hasn’t panned out so far. There are a number of reasons for that – some in our control and some not in our control. Charlotte, we didn’t start the race very well, and we finally got to where we were competitive and moving forward, and I thought going to have a solid run and got caught up in a wreck. A lot of people could probably say that last week. So that was unfortunate,” Brad Keselowski said.

Brad Keselowski went on to say that he has now got some good pieces going forward but the pace of the car is still a challenge for them. He went on to say that it is his and his team’s responsibility to get back to speed which is an easy target week in and week out in NASCAR as the lack of enough pace is becoming a frustrating part of his racing.

And we’ve had some other things happen in between. But I’m optimistic we can find the pieces we need to get going. We’ve got some really strong pieces. Unfortunately, the weakest piece is, that we’re just not fast enough. We need to find some speed for sure, and frustrating and a bit of a moving target of where that seems to lie week in and week out. But ultimately, it’s our responsibility to get it,” Brad Keselowski added.

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‘My goals haven’t changed,’ Brad Keselowski expects the No:6 teams to go for the win every race

brad keselowski
Brad Keselowski’s No.6 Mustang on the Charlotte Motor Speedway

Brad Keselowski went on to say that his goals for this season still remain unchanged as he needs to win races and get to a spot where they can continuously do that. He went on to add that his team needs to find a high level to win the races as though they have been there at the top most of the time it wasn’t close enough.

“Oh, my goals haven’t changed. We need to win races and we need to get to a spot where we can contend to win races. We haven’t been there enough. We’ve had probably two or three races where we’ve been close to it, and that’s not near enough. We’ve got to push, and we’ve got to find that next level,” says Brad Keselowski.

He went on to add that though it is a draining factor for him not to go for wins this season then fat that he has the tools to get back to the top gives him solace. Brad Keselowski added that it’s going to be tough for either one of the RFK cars to get to the playoff but he is committed and invested in going for that win.

I’m not going to say it doesn’t have some kind of draining effect, but every season has its own grueling drain to it in its one way. I take solace in the fact that a lot of the tools to get there, I think I can help shift and work through,” Brad Keselowski said.

It’s going to be tough for either one of our two teams to make the playoffs, but I’m optimistic. It’s going to take a win. I’m optimistic that we can at any time work through it and find a solution, and I’m committed to doing just that,” Brad Keselowski added.

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