Kyle Larson explains why he started his racing championship despite NASCAR commitments 

Kyle Larson is on a mission to make the Sprint Racing event big and professional.

Kyle Larson explains why he started his racing championship despite NASCAR commitments 

Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott (Via IMAGO)

Hendrick Motorsports’ Kyle Larson has one of the most hectic racing schedules in the Cup garage. The 2021 Cup series champion is known for always being on the road, from racing on midweeks in the sprint cars and then in NASCAR. He will have the Indy 500 in his schedule next season, as he is set to debut with Arrow McLaren.

Kyle Larson has his own dirt racing championship to run as well. He co-owns High Limit Racing with his brother-in-law Brad Sweet, a seasoned Sprint Car racer and multi-times champion. The love for the racing answer isn’t a fully satisfying answer to being involved in a handful of projects that might make Larson compromise the time he spends with his family.


Now, while talking to Flowracing, Larson explained why he was involved in High Limit racing. He is on a mission to make the sprint racing he loves big and professional. He pointed out that only a handful of dirt racing events are big, and he wants to make almost every race in the sprint car scene big events.

I love sprint car racing. I love dirt car racing. Bigger is more professional. Bigger is racing for more money, more atmosphere. Our sport has a few big events. I would like to get it to a point where almost every time you’re going to the track, it has that feel of a big event. I feel like there’s just so much potential in this sport to get to a higher level and to do it quickly as well.”
Kyle Larson said via Flowracing.

Kyle Larson recently bought Tony Stewart’s dirt racing championship

Last week, Larson and Sweet announced the takeover of ex-Cup Series champion Tony Stewarts’ racing series, All-Star Circuit of Champions. The takeover of ASCC was a major in expanding High Limit Racing operations.

Kyle Larson (Via IMAGO)
Kyle Larson (Via IMAGO)

When asked about the takeover, Larson’s major reason was to make the racing more financially rewarding for the drivers. It was a major reason for the formation of High Limit Racing in the first place. He pointed out that the increase in prize money is a priority for them.

I do know I want the best for the sport, just like we all do. Our goal is to definitely raise the purses. Any time you buy something, you want to make it better or more lucrative for the teams involved. That is our goal. There is more risk on our end from a much larger schedule that we will hopefully have.

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