Michael McDowell breaks down the “selfish” reason for his dislike of stage breaks

The stage breaks had been originally introduced to increase entertainment among fans.

Michael McDowell breaks down the “selfish” reason for his dislike of stage breaks

Michael McDowell (Via IMAGO)

Stage breaks have been a part of NASCAR since 2017, and the series has been trying to fiddle around with them ever since. Last year, stage breaks were done away with in the road courses but returned in the playoffs, to everyone’s surprise. Now Michael McDowell, one of the most talented RC drivers in NASCAR, has come forth calling out the principle of stage breaks altogether.

Michael McDowell since joining Front Row Motorsports has established himself as a formidable road course racer. He is known for his raw pace and last year he got FRM back to victory lane with an impressive win at Indy Road course race, while also securing a playoff spot. The No: 34 Ford driver ahead of the first RC race of 2024, at COTA, has broken down why he hates stage breaks in such tracks.

The stage breaks, I’m not a fan of and that’s because I’m selfish and I want to be out front and leading laps and have nobody throwing a caution because it changes your strategy.
Michael McDowell said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

The FRM driver elaborated on his criticism against stage breaks and stated that these artificial cautions are harmful to the drivers at the front. Moreover, it hampers the lead pack and throws the strategy out of the park and on a roulette table. This artificialness of the races has garnered criticism across the field by multiple drivers over the years. However, NASCAR still wants to keep the format as it enhances the ‘entertainment’ factor in the races and has increased the viewership of the sport across platforms.

Michael McDowell states his goals for 2024 campaign

McDowell has earned a pair of top-10 finishes since the onset of the season. The Arizona native has huge ambitions for his current season. Moreover, he wants to replicate the success of the last year and claim a few victories throughout the season.

FRM driver Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell (Credits: NASCAR.com)
The goal this year is to win multiple races. I think that that’s a realistic goal, but at the same time, a super challenging goal.
Michael McDowell said in an interview with Kickinthetires.

The Ford driver wants to outshine his prior success and claim victories around the clock this year. Moreover, he has set his aims at performing well in the Playoffs this season and snatching away the big trophies from the giants.

McDowell is currently focused on the race at COTA and continue his tradition of doing well on road courses. Despite his disliking towards stage breaks at such circuits, the 39-year-old seems optimistic ahead of the weekend.

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