“Ridiculous penalty he did nothing wrong” NASCAR Twitter reacts to Noah Gregson being penalized for the Multi-car crash in the Xfinity series

Find out how NASCAR Twitter reacted to the strong penalty that was imposed on Noah Gregson for his Road America antics

Noah Gregson and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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The NASCAR Cup series outing in the Road America track was a quiet affair with not very few natural cautions coming out the Xfinity Series race that took place the day before was more than just a quiet affair with multiple crashes and an intentional wreck caused by one of the future cup Series prospect at the track, which had not justification.

Noah Gregson was fighting for eighth place with Sage Karam as they have been having a back-and-forth battle pushing and bumping each other for a long time. On the 25th lap of the race, Noah Gregson who was clearly frustrated by his rival took the matters into his hands as he hooked a right into Karam’s door forcing both the drivers to spin out of the race.

As the crash unveiled at the straight between turns 3 and 4 the drivers who were behind the duo came crashing to both of them as the limited visibility on the track followed the smoke that was produced by the wreck. Though none of the drivers were injured they were some serious crashes that took place which could have had a different outcome at another time.

The NASCAR community was quick to call out Gregson for his irresponsible driving even his team JR Motorsports owner and Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. called him out saying “I told him that I could stand behind him through just about anything, but I could not defend that. And that’s a difficult thing for me. That’s a difficult position for me or anybody to be in. It’s when you want to support somebody and you’re helping somebody try to achieve their goals, but they do something you can’t defend. That was just the message I gave him,”.

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NASCAR imposes a heavy penalty on Noah Gregson prompting a strong reaction from the NASCAR fans on Twitter

Noah Gregson

The Xfinity series championship contender was given a $35,000 fine and was docked his 30 championship points. The Jr Motorsports team also saw their 30 owners’ championship points being reduced.  Though the high-speed wreck was condoned by many the penalty has produced a mixed reaction on Twitter as most debated the severity of the penalty.


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