“Shouldn’t have been a total shock to RCR” Tyler Reddick is all set to drive for 23X1 Racing in the 2024 season and onwards

Find out what RCR driver Tyler Reddick has to say about him signing a contract with 23X1 Racing to join them in 2024

Kurt Busch, Tyler Reddick and Bubba Wallace

23X1 Racing, the NASCAR outfit owned by NBA legend Michael Jordon and veteran JGR Cup driver Denny Hamlin, has announced an exciting signing for the 2024 season. The second Toyota team on the grid which started its NASCAR journey in 2021 has announced the signing of Tyler Reddick, who now drives the No:8 Chevy Camaro ZL1 for Richard Childress Racing and is widely regarded as a future superstar in the NASCAR community, will join them from the start of 2024 season.

Tyler Reddick who scored his first Cup Series win two race weekends at Road America will have championship dreams coming to the 23X1 Set up. The two times Xfinity series champion with, JR Motorsports and RCR will be hoping to get position him better for the championship which he so far has failed to do with his 2 and half year stint, till now, with the RCR team.

The 23X1 Racing team currently hosts two drivers on the grid, Bubba Wallace who drives the No:23 Charter since 2021, and veteran Kurt Busch who joined the team at the beginning of the 2022 season. Both the drivers have so far secured wins for the team, with the first one coming from Wallace in 21 seasons at Talladega and a second one from Busch this year at Kansas.

It isn’t clear who among the two drivers will Tyler Reddick replace as both of the drivers are of value for the team in terms of Business and racing standpoint. Bubba Wallace being the sole African American full-time driver will on the grid offers a lot of business opportunities and he is a handy driver when it comes to performance though is surely not championship material. Kurt Busch on the other hand surely has his best days behind him but has so much to offer the team with his experience and ability.

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Tyler Reddick on joining 23X1 in 2024

Tyler Reddick

Tyler Reddick opened his heart on leaving RCR and joining 23X1 in 2024 in the announcement of his joining the team. Reddick acknowledged that RCR gave him the first opportunity in the cup series and it’s been great to grow with them, which is why they have decided to stay with RCR one more season in order to finish what they have started together. He added that he is extremely grateful to RCR for the opportunity they have given him in both Xfinity and cup and will remain to be grateful to them in the future.

With RCR I got my first opportunity in a cup car with Richard and that team and it’s been great to grow with them for me it was really important to finish what I’d started there see it through see it through to its end. And you know they’ve like said they’ve given me so many opportunities to win um opportunities to be a two-time Xfinity champion give me the door to get into the cup series and I’m extremely grateful for that and will continue to be and then,” Tyler Reddick said.

Tyler Reddick when on to say that he will be competing against the 23X1 Racing team and Denny Hamlin, who was beside him during the announcement until the 2024 season with RCR. He added that he wouldn’t say the news is a shocker for the RCR  team as they have prior knowledge of the fact that they are navigating what the future will look like for them for some time.

Expanding on that that is why I wanted to see what I’d agreed to do with RCR to the end and continue to compete as hard as I can for them and against Denny and 2311 until then with the news today you know we know where I’m going to be in 2024 and on. I wouldn’t say this was quite it shouldn’t have been a total shock to RCR you know as we were navigating what the future would look like a while ago,” Tyler Reddick added.

Tyler Reddick went on to explain his decision saying that the discussions and negotiations on his future were going on for a couple of months and the team is aware of the offers that came in for him. Tyler Reddick added that since the information about his move is out there it’s time to collectively figure out the future which will be best for all three parties involved.

You know we said that after the option was up in 23 and 24 and on you know we were not sure that it a while ago you know we were not sure if we were going to return that we were going to figure out what lay ahead …but you know it’s out there and everyone has the information now and now we all will collectively figure out what do we do go from here,” Tyler Reddick explained.

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