Toyota reveals new Camry for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series

Toyota boasts eight full-time teams on the grid in 2024, the most since 2011.

Toyota reveals new Camry for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series

Toyota Camry XSE, 2024 Cup Series challenger (Credits: NASCAR)

The excitement for the 2024 season is already underway as Toyota has raised the curtain on their highly anticipated 2024 Cup Series contender, the Toyota Camry XSE race car. Unveiling a striking new design, this latest model signals a departure from the previous generation’s angular front end, embracing a distinctive hammerhead styling on the front fascia. Toyota is now the second team after Ford to release their challenger.

The upper grille slot, replacing the Camry TRD Next Gen, contributes to a more balanced and aerodynamically efficient design. Despite its initial subdued appearance, a closer inspection reveals a meticulous attention to detail, emphasizing Toyota’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in motorsports.


The 2024 Cup Series Toyota Camry XSE race car, which will used by Bubba Wallace, Denny Hamlin, and co., reflects a significant evolution from its predecessor. One of the key visual changes is the transition to a flatter front end, aligning with the “hammerhead” design elements introduced in the latest street version of the Toyota Camry. 

This shift, combined with a rectangular hood and redesigned narrow hood duct exits, underscores a strategic focus on improving aerodynamic performance. These modifications showcase Toyota’s commitment to staying at the forefront of racing technology, maximizing every element within the aerodynamic efficiency parameters set by NASCAR.

The 2024 model is a sleek evolution of the 2023 model

In contrast to the 2023 Cup Series Toyota Camry, which established itself as a prominent contender in the NASCAR Cup Series with its sleek design and powerful engine, the 2024 model marks an exciting evolution. The 2023 version earned praise for its performance and reliability on the track, leaving an enduring impact on the world of motorsports. The 2024 Camry XSE race car is aimed to enhance legacy, blending style and performance.

Front view of the sleeker Toyota Camry
Front view of the sleeker Toyota Camry XSE (Credits: RACER)

The 2024 Cup Series Toyota Camry XSE transcends visual upgrades, emphasizing a comprehensive aerodynamic strategy. The front bumper’s flat section, adorned with “CAMRY” lettering, signifies a deliberate focus on drafting for superspeedways. Meticulous details like molded C-shaped corner vents and a stepped bottom demonstrate Toyota’s dedication to optimizing performance across diverse racing environments, spanning superspeedways to intermediates.

Designed in the U.S. by Toyota’s Calty Design Research in California, the 2024 Camry XSE race car aims to mirror the aesthetics of the latest street version Toyota Camry. Paul Doleshal, group manager of motorsports at TMNA, expressed excitement about bringing this meticulously crafted car to the track, highlighting the collaborative efforts of TRD and Calty Design.

As teams gear up for pre-season testing at Phoenix Raceway, the effectiveness of the extensive wind tunnel and CFD work will be put to the test when the cars make their competition debut at the Daytona 500 in February. Toyota’s commitment to excellence in design and performance positions the 2024 Cup Series Toyota Camry XSE as a formidable contender in the upcoming NASCAR season.


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