”Need to add a ‘Let’s go Brandon’ decal”- NASCAR Twitter reacts as Truck series driver Tim Veins announces Donald Trump-brand paint scheme

NASCAR banned political advertising paint schemes in 2020.

”Need to add a ‘Let’s go Brandon’ decal”- NASCAR Twitter reacts as Truck series driver Tim Veins announces Donald Trump-brand paint scheme

Donald Trump (Credits: web.de) and Tim Veins ( Credits: @ timviensnascar/Twitter)

NASCAR Truck Series driver Tim Veins has announced that he will drive the No:47 G2G Racing Toyota Tundra with a “TRUMP Winery’ paint scheme. He will field the car on the Talladega Truck Series race on September 30th. The livery is part of the driver’s efforts to show his support to the former US President ahead of the coming elections.


Tim Veins had previously raced with “Vote for Trump” paint schemes in 2020 before NASCAR banned political advertising from the sport amidst controversies. Veins’ No:47 Truck is sponsored by the Winery owned by Donald Trump and run by the Republican leader’s son Eric Trump. Supporting Trump-associated brands is a way to work around the NASCAR ban on political advertising.

The G2G Racing owner is an active Trump supporter and has been supporting conservative ideas via his social media platform. He announced the new paint scheme via his official Twitter handle and hinted that the livery is dedicated to Trump by writing that he has actively supported Trump. He also welcomed fans to follow him on the September event journey.

My name is Tim Viens, I am a staunch Trump supporter. I drove the TRUMP 2020 Truck in the NASCAR Truck Series before NASCAR banned political advertising. I will be back with a new sponsor this year. Talladega, I think you will like it! Follow my journey, God Bless,” he tweeted.


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Here is how NASCAR Twitter reacted to Trump’s paint scheme  

Tim Viens and Donald Trump (1)
Tim Viens and Donald Trump (Credits: @timviensnascar)

The NASCAR community o Twitter had mixed feelings about the announcement as it accrued a huge political statement. Trump supporters quickly congratulated the driver for his decision to drive the truck and wished him an impressive race. 

Some fans were against his decision and quickly slammed him in the comment box and wished him a poor result at the end of the race. Some fans requested the driver to keep politics out of sports and focus on racing.

The paint scheme idea has put the spotlight on the driver. But the expectation about him having an impressive race day is pretty low. This is because of the poor and outdated racing equipment the team uses. The driver has also never really impressed in a NASCAR race.