WATCH: Late Model Racer Andrew Grady throws ‘Mike Tyson’ punches at an opponent for a bizarre reason

Find out about Andrew Grady’s violent attack on an opponent in the Late model race and how NASCAR Twitter reacted to it.

Andrew Grady
Andrew Grady fighting Davey Callihan at Martinsville

Andrew Grady went full Mike Tyson on his opponent Davey Callihan at Martinsville 300, practice session. The Late Model Racer went crazy after later, supposedly tired to wreck him. After the session concluded Grady confronted Callihan, a common occurrence in the cup race, regarding the accused wreck attempt.

But things then escalated fast. Andrew Grady started throwing punches at his opponent while he was still strapped to his car. He then proceeded to kick Callihan’s car as well. Bystanders were forced to carry Andrew Grady away as he showed no sign of slowing down his attack.

Andrew Grady defended his actions saying He flipped me off, so I started Mike Tyson-ing his head. You get these dumbasses who get in here and run with us, and they have no business running a late model, much less a lawnmower. When you wreck a man, you can take a grown man ass-whoopin’,”.

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“He should be suspended permanently as a NASCAR driver,” Twitter reacts to Andrew Grady’s antics

Andrew Grady
Andrew Grady fighting Davey Callihan at Martinsville

NASCAR Twitter went crazy after the on-track antics by Andrew Grady. The fans had a mixed set of reactions to the incident. Some fans came out in support of the driver calling his actions natural and part of NASCAR. At the same time, there were also fans demanding the suspension of the driver from NASCAR. One fan also demanded the arrest of the driver for assault.

How do you think NASCAR should punish the driver?

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