“We just got flat wiped out into Turn 1 by the No. 23,” Chris Buescher claims Bubba Wallace destroyed his day at Indy

Find out what Chris Buescher had to say about his impressive top 10 at Indy and how Bubba Wallace crashing into him cost his pursuit for a front raw finish

Chris Buescher
Chris Buescher and Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace had a lucky outing at the Indianapolis Motors Speedway as the No:23 Toyota Camry piolet of 23X1 Racing secured his third consecutive top 10 finish in the cup series and his career-best road course result finish by securing a P5 at the iconic track. Bubba Wallace’s finish came after he was able to gain a few spots in the final restart before overtime where he got the chance to cut corners, in turn, one after he was shoved to the grass in the exit.

Though Bubba Wallace was able to produce a comparatively clean race there was one instance in the race where Wallace was surely in the wrong which kind of robbed No:17 RFK Racing driver Chris Buescher of a good finish towards the end may be one better than Wallace. Chris Buescher and No:17 team showed their worth soon after as they were able to get their flaming car fixed and make it to P10.

A crash from Bubba Wallace, in turn, one after he miscalculated his breaking caused  Chris Buescher’s car to catch on fire owing to the crushed essential parts and pieces on the car. The team had to quickly put the fire out inside the cockpit while Chris Buescher was finding it hard to breathe inside the car. But the team was able to salvage the car and a good finish at the end.

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Find out what Chris Buescher said

Chris Buescher
Chris Buescher

Chris Buescher acknowledged that he wasn’t ready to give up on his team as though someone stupidly take him out, he had a solid car to stay in the race. He went on to say that his tea, did a great job in bringing such a great car and joked that he won’t to make it a habit of staying in a car that is on fire.

I wasn’t giving up. This team gave me way too good of a race car today to let somebody’s stupidity take us out that early. I’m not going to make it a habit of staying inside cars that are on fire but kudos to this team for bringing such a good race car. Our Violet Defense Mustang was just fast, and we don’t have anything to show for it again,” Chris Buescher told RACER.

The No:17 driver pointed out that he got wiped out by Wallace, in turn, one which KO ’ed the exhaust and rocket box of their Mustang at the pit road saying  “I got wiped out by [Wallace] in Turn 1, KO’d the exhaust and rocker box, and the car caught on fire for our first pit stop and had to battle back,”.

Chris Buescher went on to say that the No:17 team did an amazing job in minimal time to get him back on track after the fire melted everything shut, collapsing the interior hoses and messing up the airflow. He added that overall it wasn’t a fun day for him but the condition was too good to call quit so they went forth and the perseverance shown by the No:17 crew earned the top 10.

Again, the team did a good job of fixing that and losing minimal time, and then as we kept going, the vision got much better. But the fire collapsed some of our interior hoses, so we didn’t have any air moving inside like we usually would. Everything melted shut. So, overall, not a fun day, but again, this was way too good of a race car to call it quits, and we’re going to end up with a top 10 out of it because of the perseverance of everybody on this team, so I’m proud of them,” Chris Buescher explained.

Chris Buescher went on to reiterate the insane incident, which really sucked for him, at turn one by the No:23 destroyed his day saying “After all that, it’s insane. It sucks; we just got flat wiped out into Turn 1 by the No. 23. I have no clue; haven’t seen it yet; don’t know what happened, but destroyed our day,”.

Talking in his post-race interview Wallace acknowledged that he has apologized to Chris Buescher for the incident which was the outcome of blowing his corner and getting the breaking point wrong as he acknowledged saying “I went in and hit my brake point and thought I was good, and the next thing I knew, I blew through the corner. I don’t know if it was [the result of] the second lap on tires and green track, but I apologized,”.

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