“What’s her name’s at the wheel?” Why Eminem dissed Danica Patrick in his “Venom” single

No one knew why Eminem came out and criticized Danica Patrick in two of his songs

danica patrick
Eminem and Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is a pretty well-known former professional racing driver having taken part in multiple racing series like the IndyCar Series, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series now known as the Cup Series, and also in the NASCAR Nationwide Series now known as the Xfinity Series and she has also raced in the K&N Pro Racing Series along with the ARCA Menards Series and she stands as the only woman with a win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300 is the only one by a woman so far in racing history and also won the pole for the 2013 Daytona 500.

But what took everyone by surprise was when Marshall Mathers stage named ‘Eminem’ scorned Danica Patrick in one of his singles ‘So Far’ in 2013 and once again in the song ‘Venom’ which is also the name of the movie produced by Sony Pictures with an association with Marvel Studios and he basically took digs at her in both these songs and neither of them came out later speaking of the incident and as to why he called her out in her songs, that fact remains unknown to date with the two of them not having met each other or acquainted in any way seemed pretty random.

While Eminem seemed to dislike the former racer, another rapper Shawn Carter, known by his stage name ‘Jay-Z‘ seemed to be the one who appreciated her and he also featured her and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his 2006 song video ‘Show Me What You Got‘ and also called involving her in the video was thrilling and that he wanted to keep the song pretty simple.

“It just felt fun, I didn’t want to put too much on it. I didn’t want to go super heavy or complex with the lyrics. It’s almost like this male/female banter. Show me what you got, purdy lady. That was needed,” said Jay-Z on casting Danica Patrick.

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“You’re Danica Patrick (Yeah?) word, skag, cause you’re a vacuum, I’m a dirtbag,” Danica Patrick was in contrast to a vacuum cleaner in Eminem’s songs

danica patrick
Danica Patrick and Jay-Z

Danica Patrick took not one but two hits from rapper Eminem when he called her out in his 2013 single ‘So Far’ by taking her name and calling her vacuum cleaner pointing out that she sucks as a racer and isn’t as good as people say that she is and he also had a line about her outfits which didn’t seem to be that offensive and yet no one knew why the sudden hate towards her came from him.

“Or, of course, there could be another interpretation. I get to meet famous people, look at her dag, her nylons are ran, her skirt’s snagged, and I heard she drag-races, *burp* swag. Tuck in my Hanes shirt tag, you’re Danica Patrick (Yeah?) word, skag. We’d be the perfect match. Cause you’re a vacuum, I’m a dirtbag,” read Eminem’s lyrics on Danica Patrick.

The feud between the two wasn’t done and dusted there, or more like his hatred towards Patrick as he went on and dissed her yet again in another song which was featured in the movie ‘Venom’ which was produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment, and this time it was about him not being able to remember the name of the woman behind the wheel who crashed a lot and ended her career in the IndyCar Series.

“So, this ain’t gonna feel like a love tap. Eat painkiller pills, (expletive) a blood track. Like, what’s her name’s at the wheel? Danica Patrick. Throw the car into reverse at the Indy, end up crashin’. Into ya, the back of it—just mangled steel. My Mustang and your Jeep Wrangler grill,” were the lyrics in the 2018 song which criticized Danica Patrick.

While Eminem kept calling her out in two of his songs, Danica Patrick made no comments about it thus leaving everyone wondering why did he attack her?

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