NASCAR set to join hands with Will Smith and MGM to make a racing based rom-com

NASCAR and Hollywood has been sharing realms since the release of Days of Thunder in 1990.

NASCAR set to join hands with Will Smith and MGM to make a racing based rom-com

NASCAR Cup race at Texas and Will Smith (In Circles Images via IMAGO)

NASCAR dipped its legs into the entertainment industry much like F1, by announcing a sports douc-series on Netflix titled NASCAR: Full Speed. Subsequently, following this path, the premier stock car racing series sanctioning body is now working with MGM Studios and Victoria Mahoney to produce a rom-com series, Clean Air.

According to Deadline, NASCAR is working on a rom-com series that grabs the viewers with its racing plot and the troubles of getting a driver NASCAR-ready and having the pressure of replicating her father’s championship glory. The story is written by Alison Rose Greenberg, who is a screenwriter known for her renowned book “Bad Luck Bridesmaid”.

On the other hand, Amazon is revving its engines up for the thrilling title as the series also has the support of Will Smith‘s Westbrook Studios, who will also aid in the production of the show. So, NASCAR fans could expect a thrilling rom-com to be on its way with NASCAR-esque twists and turns.

As per reports from Deadline, the story will be around a 17-year-old female dirt racer and her new agent, both of whom who have one shot to succeed. It will also feature drama surrounding her journey to become a NASCAR racer by reforging bond with her ex-NASCAR champion father.

What are drivers’ opinions on NASCAR indulging in the entertainment industry?

With the premiere of NASCAR: Full Speed three weeks before the first race of the season in Daytona, drivers got the time to assess how the series would potentially impact the pinnacle of stock car racing. Moreover, drivers were content with the show and reacted positively to NASCAR expanding its reigns beyond conventional formats.

Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick (Via IMAGO)
Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick (Via IMAGO)
I thought it was a very good introduction for new fans, because they also teach you 101 stuff like here's how it works.
Denny Hamlin said in an interview with First Coast News

On the other hand, Tyler Reddick also shared similar views regarding the expansion of NASCAR into the entertainment industry.

Certainly, a number of drivers including myself saw pretty significant bump in following on social channels.

Tyler Reddick said

Denny Hamlin explained that it was a great introduction for new fans as it explained to them the basics of the sport. Subsequently, 23XI driver stated the rise in popularity of drivers following the release of the series and how it has increased their reach on social media platforms.

Thus, the Clean Air series would have the support of the NASCAR drivers. However, there is no speculated release date available as of yet but it could be expected to be on OTT platforms between 2025-26.

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