NASCAR to go net-zero by 2035

The net-zero goals are based on a study on carbon emissions from offices, and NASCAR-owned facilities in 2022.

NASCAR to go net-zero by 2035

NASCAR to go net-zero by 2035

The Premier Stock car racing organization in the world, NASCAR, has announced its plans to reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2025. It was announced on April 18, 2023. The sanctioning body has also announced the NASCAR IMPACT project to facilitate sustainability. Formula 1, the open-wheel counterpart of NASCAR, has also been pushing such green initiatives over the last couple of years.


While talking about the proposal, NASCAR President Steve Phelps pointed out that they are aiming to fulfill their responsibility towards the community. With the NASCAR IMPACT program, the aim to is to make progress in all areas that require attention from a sustainability standpoint.

As a sport, NASCAR has a responsibility to serve and impact the communities where we live and race while contributing to a healthier planet. With the support of our industry, NASCAR IMPACT will drive our strategic sustainability, community, and social initiatives as we continue to make progress across these important areas,” said Steve Phelps.  


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What is the vision of NASCAR IMPACT?

NASCAR 2023 Richmond Cup race

Eric Nyquist, the NASCAR chief communications and impact officer, explained the vision of the programs. He said,  “Commitment and accountability are fundamental to NASCAR IMPACT and the vision we have for this platform. As we galvanize the NASCAR industry around our message and focus, and build upon our existing good work, the sport’s collective reach and impact will grow substantially over time.”

Is NASCAR going electric under Net-Zero goals?

Daytona 500 practice session (Credits: @NASCAR)
Daytona 500 practice session (Credits: @NASCAR)

No, NASCAR has zero plans for field electric NASCAR challengers, though they are reports contemplating an EV championship. To minimize the environmental impact of fuel usage, NASCAR will invest more in the sustainable racing fuel, reportedly biofuels. The plan is to introduce this change within the next 5 years.

How will Net-Zero affect tracks?

2023 Daytona 500
Daytona International Speedway

Major updates are coming for tracks that NASCAR owns. The first is pursuing 100% renewable electricity at its NASCAR facilities and racetracks. The second is comprehensive recycling across racetracks, and the third is investing in EV charging station infrastructure.


Will NASCAR be transparent about NASCAR IMPACT?

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Yes, NASCAR has announced that a report about the program, which came on the back of a comprehensive study on its facilities regarding its carbon emission, will be released early, sharing the progress and hiccups.  

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