‘We had a pretty rough patch,’ Bubba Wallace’s girlfriend details how his parent’s separation affected their relationship

Bubba Wallace
Amanda Carter and Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace is a polarizing figure in the NASCAR community as the sole full-time black driver in the cup series he had to cope with a lot, including discrimination, mental and physical struggles, to get to where he is now.

Recently released Netflix’s documentary -series, ‘Race: Bubba Wallace’, sheds light on the professional and personal life of Bubba Wallace in and out of the track. The Six-episode series also discusses the struggles he had to face growing up with separated parents and how it affected his life after.

In the 4th episode of the series Bubba Wallace’s girlfriend Amanda Carter shares how they had to struggle to keep their relationship together as Bubba Wallace struggled with depression.

Find out what Bubba Wallace’s girlfriend Amanda Carter said

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace and Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter shared the story of the struggles they had to face for a year with their relationship. She said that their relationship got affected by the divorce of Bubba Wallace’s parents. When he was younger. Amanda Carter added that his deduced relationship with his father, and the following periods of depression, something Bubba Wallace was reluctant to open up about, took the toll on him which reflected in their relationship.

We had a pretty rough patch in our relationship for about a year. We were actually struggling in our relationship when he came to me and said how he was struggling mentally, and that was the first time,” Amanda Carter said.

I definitely think a lot of it stems from his parent’s divorce. He really cares about his relationship with his father, and it’s not there at the moment,” Amanda Carter added.

Amanda Carter went on add that she learned to calm Bubba Wallace down and bring him “back to reality” over the years though it’s hard to watch him struggle.  

Bubba Wallace who finished P2 in the 2022 season opener in Daytona will hope to emulate and secure a potential win in the second round of the race which will take place on Fontan Auto Club speedway, the Wise Power 400.

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