William Byron net worth in 2024: How much is the HMS driver worth?

William Byron is the most promisising Chevy youngster in theNASCAR garage.

William Byron net worth in 2024: How much is the HMS driver worth?

William Byron (Credits: Yardbaker)

William Byron has taken the racing world by storm. Byron, from Charlotte, North Carolina, began his quest for prominence at an early age. He first saw the sport when he was six and was hooked for life. His perseverance and excellent abilities have not only established him as a famous character in the racing circuit but have also greatly contributed to his net worth. 


The No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 driver for Hendrick Motorsports has been making headlines week after week. The 2017 Xfinity Series winner made his Cup Series debut at the Daytona 500 in 2018. However, he had to wait two years for his first triumph, which came on the same track where he began. So, investigate every area of William Byron’s net worth, including his income, bonuses, endorsements, investments, and other assets.

William Byron net worth

With a burgeoning career in NASCAR, William Byron has amassed a commendable net worth. As of 2024, his estimated net worth is approximately $2 million. This significant wealth results from his remarkable achievements on the race track and various financial endeavors. Let’s look at the factors contributing to his net worth.

William Byron (Credits: Yardbaker)
William Byron (Credits: Yardbaker)

William Byron’s contracts & salary

One of the primary sources of William Byron’s income is his racing career, particularly with Hendrick Motorsports, one of the premier teams in NASCAR. While the exact figures of his current salary remain undisclosed to the public, his last known wage was reported to be $1,850,000. This figure represented his earnings until 2022 when his previous multi-year contract with Hendrick Motorsports expired.

William Byron with his team, Hendricks Motorsports
William Byron with his team, Hendricks Motorsports (Credits: Fox News)

However, since then, William Byron has signed a new three-year deal with Hendrick Motorsports. While the financial terms of this contract are not publicly known, it’s reasonable to assume that his new agreement includes a higher salary, given his continued success and growth in the sport.

William Byron bonuses

In addition to his base salary, William Byron had the opportunity to earn substantial bonuses based on his performance on the race track. NASCAR drivers often receive bonuses for winning races, leading laps, or achieving high standings in championship points. These bonuses can add a significant amount to their overall earnings.

William Byron with Rick Hendricks
William Byron with Rick Hendricks (Credits: Sportscasting)

William Byron endorsements

William Byron’s popularity in the NASCAR Cup Series has attracted several lucrative endorsement deals. He has partnered with well-known brands, including Logitech G, Valvoline, Axalta, Liberty University, Chevrolet, and U.S. Radiator, among others. These endorsement agreements not only provide financial rewards but often include various incentives and bonuses tied to his performance.

William Byron with a Liberty University cap
William Byron with a Liberty University cap (Credits: Motorsports.com)

Liberty University, in particular, has been a long-standing partner, with their sponsorship set to continue until 2026. Axalta Racing also sponsored him for 15 races in the 2023 season, further boosting his income.


William Byron investments in business

While specific details about William Byron’s investments in the business are not available, it’s common for successful athletes like him to explore business ventures beyond their racing careers. These investments can include ownership stakes in racing-related businesses, partnerships with racing teams, or other industries.

William Byron
William Byron (Credits: Sports Digest)

William Byron investments in house/real estate

William Byron’s net worth is not solely tied to his racing endeavors. Like many high-earning athletes, he has likely made investments in real estate. According to Virtual Globetrotting, Byron owns a five-bedroom, 5-bathroom house in his hometown, Charlotte, NC, and lives with his family.

Arial view of William Byron's house in Charlotte, North Carolina (Credits: Virtual Globetrotting)
Arial view of William Byron’s house in Charlotte, North Carolina (Credits: Virtual Globetrotting)

The monetary details of this real estate holding are not disclosed in the provided information, but it’s common for individuals with significant wealth to own luxury properties. But before he became the star that he is today, he lived in a relatively smaller apartment. 

William Byron car collection:

Given his passion for speed and racing, it’s no surprise that William Byron has a collection of impressive cars. While specific details about his car collection are not provided in the provided information, it’s safe to assume that it includes high-performance vehicles and possibly even some race cars.

William Byron
William Byron (Credits: NASCAR.com)

William Byron watches

The details about William Byron’s watch collection are unknown to the public. However, it’s worth noting that individuals with a penchant for luxury and success often possess a collection of high-end timepieces. His team offers merchandise related to him, including a varsity watch.

William Byron without a watch
William Byron without a watch (Credits: Motorsport.com)

William Byron’s girlfriend, Erin Blaney’s net worth

William Byron’s personal life includes his relationship with Erin Blaney, sister of NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Blaney. Erin graduated from the University of Alabama in 2019 with a degree in human environmental sciences, specializing in public health education and promotion, as well as advertising.

William Byron with his girlfriend, Erina Blaney
William Byron with his girlfriend, Erina Blaney (Credits: Earn the Necklace)

The couple has been together since October 2019 and does not have children at this time. Erin Blaney actively shares her life on Instagram with around 20K followers under the handle “@erinblaney.” While her net worth and income aren’t disclosed, her rich racing heritage is evident. She’s not only Ryan Blaney’s sister but also the daughter of former NASCAR driver Dave Blaney and the granddaughter of the legendary modified dirt track racer Lou Blaney.

In conclusion, William Byron’s net worth of approximately $2 million is a testament to his talent and success as a NASCAR driver. His income streams include a substantial salary from Hendrick Motorsports, performance-based bonuses, lucrative endorsement deals, and potential investments in business and real estate. With a promising future, his earnings and marketability are likely to increase, solidifying his status as one of NASCAR’s rising stars.


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