“All you care about now is scoring achievements” Skip Bayless throws major shade at LeBron James; Blames him for Wizards 16-point comeback

LA Lakers star LeBron James receives a routine criticism from Skip Bayless after Wizards register emphatic victory against Lakers in their most recent fixture.

LeBron James and Skip Bayless
LeBron James and Skip Bayless

On Saturday night, LeBron James made history by surpassing Karl Malone, with this he has now been placed in the second position of the NBA’s all-time regular-season scorer’s list. However, Skip Bayless was still not satisfied and carried on with his regular criticism of the Lakers star. The achievement by LBJ was getting highly praised in the NBA community and many ignored that the Lakers lost the game but Bayless was not one of them.

Skip Bayless firstly appreciated LeBron James through a tweet for achieving the feat, which shocked the NBA fans as no one saw this coming. Bayless is considered the biggest critic of LeBron so it was obvious for fans to get stunned but shortly after this tweet, the Fox Sports analyst dropped a bomb of criticism on the Lakers star forward for only focusing on the achievement and not giving the best in the game when needed most.

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LA Lakers star LeBron James receives a routine criticism from Skip Bayless

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LeBron James

Here’s what Skip Bayless tweeted in the criticism of LeBron James, “Good Lord, LeBron, act like you’re upset that you just blew a game to the Wizards. Nope. All you care about now is scoring achievements. You certainly wanted no part of defending Porzingis, which was your responsibility in the 4th quarter.”

Bayless highlighted how the four-time NBA champ didn’t seem angry even after losing the game. He added by saying that Lakers star forward just only cares about scoring achievements. The sports analyst also criticized LBJ for not guarding the Wizards Kristaps Porzingis in the crucial moment of the game where he scored 16 of his 27 points in the fourth quarter.

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Bayless has put some really valid points, but now the biggest concern for the Lakers is how will they make their spot confirmed in play-in. there are only remained with 11 games in their hands and are already below the .500 which have made things worse.

Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook
Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook

Now, the only option Lakers have is to put all their hopes on LeBron James and Russell Westbrook who has recently gained some moment because there are no signs of Anthony Davis coming back before the regular season games end.

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