Anthony Davis’ Wife: Know all about Marlen P and since when the couple have been dating?

Get to know all about Anthony Davis and his wife Marlen P, and since when have the couple been dating.

Marlen P and Anthony Davis
Marlen P and Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers’ star player Anthony Davis married his long-time girlfriend Marlen P in September 2021, singing to “Never Make a Promise” at his wedding and dancing merrily with her.

Anthony Davis and Marlon P’s Wedding

Davis’ marriage was attended by his teammates LeBron James and Russel Westbrook, former teammate Jared Dudley and many other NBA Stars.

Who Is Marlen P?

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Marlen P

Anthony Davis’ long-time girlfriend and his wife Marlen P is a well-known internet sensation and a model belonging to the Dominican Republic, aged between 25-28. Marlen is also one of the biggest celebrity spouses after marrying her long-time boyfriend Anthony Davis in a lowkey wedding ceremony in September 2019.

Know All About Marlen P

Even though being the wife of one of the biggest NBA stars, Anthony Davis, Marlen P lives a very reserved/private life, with not much being known about her accurately.

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That being said, Marlen P hasn’t given out much information regarding her educational qualifications, her family or in fact their background. Marlon P goes by her other name Marlon Davis which she started using after marrying Anthony Davis in 2019. She is a Christian and belongs to a mixed ethnic background.

Married Life & Family with Anthony Davis

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Anthony Davis and Marlen P

Marlon P though being known as an actor became highly discussed after marrying her long-time boyfriend, Anthony Davis who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, and is one of the biggest stars in the team including LeBron James and Russell Westbrook (who was the best man at their wedding). Anthony Davis has won the NBA title, Olympic Gold Medal, FIBA World Cup, NCAA title and has many more achievements to his name, while also being referred as one of the best trade deals in the Lakers which helped them get back on track and win the Championship with them.

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook going to the wedding

Marlen has a daughter with Anthony Davis named Nala Davis, aged around 4-5 years old as of September 2021

Marlen P’s Career/Profession and Net Worth

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Anthony Davis and Nala Davis

Marlen P’s net worth is expected to be around 1-2$ million according to various sources. She is known as a model and an internet sensation, though she keeps a very private life, a bit that we know about her tells us that she is a proficient fashion designer and often designs her homes herself.

Marlen’s Social Media Presence

Marlen also has a very private social media life, with not much being known about her social media presence across various platforms. She has a private account on Instagram amassing over 2.5k followers and has 70 points on her account as of now.
She seems to have no account on Facebook and her Twitter presence is completely unknown.

Highlights from the Wedding

Things you should know about Marlen P to sum it up for you:

  • Marlen has a very limited social media presence with her Instagram account being private, having over 2.5 k followers
  • Anthony Davis hasn’t shared any photo with his wife on any of his social media platforms
  • The couple had a lowkey wedding event, also not sharing any images from their wedding ceremony on social media
  • Marlen takes complete care of their daughter all alone with nothing much being known about Nala Davis
  • Marlon is very close to her parents but keeps their identity private

With all that we know about the couple, there is just one thing you can conclude from all of that. They maintain a very private life and intend to do so in the near future.

They even didn’t share any photographs from their marriage, which we only got from a few of Anthony’s friends who shared those images on their social media accounts.

The couple values their privacy, and expects other people to respect it, which is the right thing to do.

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