Who are Austin Reaves’ Parents, Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves?

Know all about the Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves' parents Nicole and Brian Reaves who were star collegiate athletes at Arkansas State.

Who are Austin Reaves’ Parents, Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves?

Austin Reaves and his parents (via FS)

NBA sensation Austin Reaves has turned the tides on his side with his stellar performances. The versatile guard has already become a fan favorite among the Lakers faithful in a very short time. Unbeknownst to many, Austin Reaves has inherited his basketball genetics from both his parents, Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves.


Second of Nicole and Brian Reaves’ two sons, the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard owes his passion for basketball to his parents. Both his parents had been collegiate basketball players for Arkansas State, that too rather prominent ones.

Nicole Wilkett had been named the All-Conference team during her senior year, averaging 21.3 points per game. With 384 career assists, Brian Reaves on the other hand, is tied for third place in program history. So exactly how influential were Austin Reaves’ parents in his basketball career? Here’s all you need to know.

Who are Austin Reaves’ Parents?

Austin Reaves is the second son of Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves. Born May 29, 1998, to the Reaves family, Austin’s inherent love for basketball comes down from his parents.

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves (via Imago)

Both Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves had been basketball players for Arkansas State University, and both had left their marks in their respective divisions. In fact, Austin grew up playing basketball with his mother and his elder brother Spencer.

Spencer Reaves is currently playing professionally for German club Rasta Vechta. Previously, he had played collegiate basketball for the Central Missouri Mules at the University of Central Missouri.

Austin Reaves and his parents
Austin Reaves and his parents (via NBA)

Austin’s parents have been crucial in his early basketball career and the star recognizes their significance just as much. He also shares a very close bond with his older brother, who originally inspired him to pursue a basketball career.

Where do Austin Reaves’ Parents Live?

Austin Reaves grew up in Newark, Arkansas with his parents on a 300-acre family farm. The Reaves couple stayed there until moving to Batesville, 10 minutes away from Newark, as per the LA Times.

Nicole Wilkett with her son Austin
Nicole Wilkett with her son Austin (LA Times)

Nicole and Brian are often seen at the NBA cheering for their son during Lakers’ games and are very supportive of Austin. It is no wonder the 25-year-old has his parents visiting him regularly and their bond is a sweet one.

What did Austin Reaves’ Parents do for a living?

Both of Austin’s parents had been basketball players for Arkansas State University. Brian Reaves was a point guard at Arkansas State from 1989-93 and still holds 3rd place in the college’s leaderboard.

The Reaves' family farm
The Reaves’ family farm (LA Times)

Nicole Wilkett on the other hand was an All-Conference forward for Arkansas State in 1990-92, averaging 21.3 points in her senior season. It was from their parents that the two Reaves brothers found a passion for basketball.

Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves
Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves (via Aaron Skyfield/FromTheBend)

After their college days, the Reaves couple started working on their 300-acre family farm in Newark, Arkansas. Both Austin Reaves and Spencer Reaves, the NBA star’s elder brother, were born in Newark.


What is the estimated net worth of Austin Reaves’ parents?

Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves’ private properties amount to a somewhat unknown value, but their estimated net worth is about $1.5-2.5 million.

Austin Reaves in his parents' family farm
Austin Reaves in his parents’ family farm (via LA Times)

Meanwhile, Austin is making his legacy in the NBA and has become an integral member of the Lakers squad.


Q. Which franchise drafted Austin Reaves in the NBA?

Austin Reaves went undrafted in the 2021 NBA Draft but signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Q. How old is Austin Reaves?

Austin Reaves is 25 years old.

Q. Which team does Austin Reaves play for now?

Austin Reaves plays shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

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