“Built a successful career under pressure” Charles Barkley sings praises of the Lakers superstar LeBron James for maintaining a clean image both on and off the court

Charles Barkley has praised LeBron James during the NBA All-Star weekend after LeBron James has kept a clean career so far, staying away from jail or getting himself into trouble.

LeBron James and Charles Barkley

LeBron James has been receiving praise from Charles Barkley, the former NBA player, and a Hall of Famer, who is now an analyst for TNT. He has praised LeBron James for handling the pressure which has been on his shoulders and handling it well and keeping a clean image his entire career.

LeBron James with his 18th All-Star appearance

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LeBron James

The NBA All-Star week 2022 was held in Cleveland, the home of LeBron James, and making his 18th All-Star appearance made it a special milestone for him, which now makes him equal with Kobe Bryant in All-Star selections. The celebration held consisted of Legends of various Eras being honored and talents from all generations gathered under one roof. For LeBron James, it marked his 18th All-Star Selection and the fifth time of him being elected as captain, not only that he is yet to lose an All-Star game as a captain and has a clean record with 5-0 as an All-Star captain.

LeBron James has cemented his name in gold as one of the greatest in the NBA. The pressure that LeBron James has been facing since the age of 18 when he was in his rookie season was immense, from being the player to be burdened with getting a first NBA title for the Cleveland Cavaliers to being compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in the GOAT conversation, LeBron has ever since shown composure since the first day he stepped foot in the NBA.

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Charles Barkley Lauds LeBron James for maintaining a clean image on and off the court

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

It is a fact that LeBron James has always caught the eyes of the critics since day one and probably has one of the most scrutinized careers, may just crumble under such immense pressure. After much pressure, LeBron James has been named 4 times as the Finals MVP and 4 times as the League MVP, for which he deservedly gets a seat at the GOAT table. “The most incredible career under intense pressure, coming in the NBA at age 18. He’s never been arrested; he’s never embarrassed himself or his family. In today’s society, when everybody is trying to get you, especially with the Internet”, said Charles Barkley.

Even at the age of 37 LeBron James has been consistently putting up MVP performances, which now seems possible for him to go on to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record for the All-time scoring record. Kenny Smith put an interesting line for LeBron, “There is no greatest, there is just greatness and we don’t have to compare.” Charles Barkley further went on to bury LeBron’s critics saying, “I think people who have that debate on television, I think, they’re lazy and have no talent. That’s not a debate, they both great.” Seems like these words might just be exactly for LeBron’s critics especially Skip Bayless who is probably LeBron’s greatest of all time critics.

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