“Championship Mentality” James Harden spotted running stadium stairs, gives befitting reply to critics with display of rigorous work ethic

James Harden has been I peak form since his move to the Philadelphia 76ers, and the player is putting in all his efforts in order to give the best results.

James Harden
James Harden

James Harden is probably the piece Philadelphia 76ers were missing and the 76ers is probably the team he deserved to be in all this while, because honestly, the chemistry between the player and the team is giving results people stopped expecting from Harden. Harden and the 76ers have hit it off, and it doesn’t get any better than this to see the player back in form after he was having an injury ridden season and wasn’t able to perform to the best of his abilities due to a multitude of reasons.

With what we are seeing from Harden, he doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned and wants to go all in on his efforts to take his team closer towards the Championship.

The Brooklyn Nets didn’t get the best of James Harden, and even if the player wanted to put his all in, it didn’t really seem to be giving any result keeping in mind all the controversies revolving around the Brooklyn Nets, be it the Kyrie Irving Vaccine fiasco, Kevin Durant’s injury ridden season or anything else that was stopping Harden from being able to perform, now all of that isn’t there in the 76ers’ team and that probably seems to be affecting the player in the best possible way.

Let us take a closer look at this instance where James Harden was seen working out on the stadium staircase post game even after the Nets’ win.

James Harden seen running stadium stairs, displays “championship mentality”

James Harden in Sixers jersey
James Harden

James Harden’s desire to get the Championship in his hand seems to be going off the charts at this point with the kind of form the player has been in, and by seeing the kind of efforts that he is putting in, in order to get to that goal of his. This form will get the player back on track and give his team the push that they need in order to keep moving forward as they are now in a comfortable position to qualify for the playoffs with a comfortable cushion of rankings with them.

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Philadelphia 76ers got their job done easily against their rival, the Chicago Bulls, and it seems as if even such a big win didn’t really content James Harden and in fact pushed him to work harder and harder even after the game, showing the “championship mentality” everyone talks about. The 76ers got an easy dub against the Bulls with a 15-point margin which further bettered their record to a commendable 40-24, as they now stand at the 2nd position in the Eastern Conference, and have booked a spot for themselves in the playoffs with such a form throughout the season.

The 76ers have now won 8 of their past 10 matches and that has also been a result of the addition of James Harden to their squad which has now strengthened up enough for people to expect the team to actually get the championship this year. James Harden after the Chicago Bulls game was spotted running up and down the stadium staircase in order to work out, and this highlighted the player’s championship mentality and his rigorous work ethic, which at one point was being questioned by people, but now it is obvious that the player is putting his all in for his team in an effort to take them forward and get them the championship.


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James Harden after being traded to the 76ers is showing some positive impact on his performance and his work ethic therefore it wont be wrong to expect a lot more from the player in the coming times. Let us now take a look at the reactions people had to this on twitter.

Twitter Reacts to James Harden’s work ethic

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