“Doing everything to win a game” NBA Twitter divided on stance as Brandon Ingram punk slaps LeBron James in clutch Pelicans vs Lakers showdown

LeBron James has been slapped by Brandon Ingram and sent Bill MacDonald in a frenzy after what reminded him of the Oscar fiasco which happened between Will SMith and Chris Rock.

LeBron James and Brandon Ingram

LeBron James and the Lakers have been dealt another blow in their pursuit of a Play-in Spot. The biggest slap in the face LeBron James has ever received is by none other than Brandon Ingram, probably even harder than the one received by Chris Rock at Oscars 2022.

Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram

For tonight the good news that the Los Angeles Lakers fan will get is that Anthony Davis is back for the Purple and Gold. After almost missing out for a month and a half. The Los Angeles Lakers need all the strength they have to qualify for the play-in spot with just a handful of games remaining in the final fixtures of the league. The Lakers have fallen down to 11th and out of the play-in spot, with Spurs jumping ahead of them with 1 win more, and the Lakers have a 1 loss more than the Spurs.

Tonight’s game was an important game, which could keep the hopes for the Lakers to still play in the play-in tournament, but things didn’t just end well for the Lakers in the game against the New Orleans Pelicans. LeBron James continued his offensive as usual, but the Pelicans edged out with the win, sending the Lakers out of the play-in spot.

LeBron James gets slapped by Brandon on his way to the Basket

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Brandon Ingram and LeBron James

We have all been now made familiar with the fiasco that happened at the 94th Academy Awards, where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, it didn’t take time for that to become a joke across the internet in the current times. Bill MacDonald certainly experienced it live tonight in the game which featured the Lakers and the Pelicans.

LeBron James drove towards the rim in between the 3rd quarter, with 6 minutes remaining on the clock, LeBron James was knocked out by Brandon  Ingram by slapping LeBron on his face.

This act from Ingram resulted in him getting a Flagrant 1 foul. LeBron James, later on, went ahead and buried the 2 free throws. When the check was going on for the foul on LeBron James Bill MacDonald couldn’t control himself and asked fellow Stu Lantz if LeBron was slapped harder by Ingram in comparison to Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock. Who slapped the hardest, Ingram is 6’9, it sure must have been some hit on LeBron James.

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