“I didn’t See Crap In Him” Doc Rivers makes hilarious admission about coaching son-in-law Seth Curry

Philadelphia 76ers’ coach Doc Rivers had his dad jokes ready in order to roast his Son-In-Law Seth Curry, who was traded to the 76ers in 2020, which turned out to be a steal.

Seth Curry and Doc Rivers
Seth Curry and Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers turned rogue in order to roast his Son-In-Law and Philadelphia 76ers’ guard Seth Curry, who was traded to the 76ers in 2020 and turned out to be an absolute blessing of a loot for the team, leading their way go ahead in the league while they currently stand at the 5th position in the eastern conference, as Seth Curry averages a career high of 15.4 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 4.1 assists this season so far, which has helped the team to be in the state they are in right now, even in the absence of the big name, Ben Simmons.

Doc Rivers’ Comments

Doc Rivers who poked fun at his Son-In-Law will also not deny that Seth Curry is more important to the 76ers than just his personal relations with the Manager. He remains of utility to the team in situations when they need him, and even when they’re doing good.

Doc Rivers has Dad jokes for Seth Curry, saying “I didn’t see shit in him”

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Seth Curry and Family

The Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers had a light hearted joke to say for his Son-in-law and 76ers’ guard Seth Curry who was traded to the team in 2020.

Doc said that the only reason he pushed for trading Curry to the team was so that he could see his daughter and his grandkids more, while also adding that he didn’t see crap in the player, and would’ve still traded him to the team even if he was a bum, just due to his personal interest of seeing his daughter and her kids.

Doc said “”I didn’t see crap in Seth. I just wanted to see my daughter more, see my grandkids. I mean, [even] if he was a bum, I would still see my grandkids.”

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Keeping in mind the kind of performance Seth has had this season, also reiterating that he is in the best shape and form of his career so far, he definitely didn’t perform like a bum, also testifying to the fact that what Doc said was just a joke.

Seth Curry has been of great value to the team, helping them in being where they are right now, also filling the gaps that existed in the team.

Let us take a closer look at the performance of the Philadelphia 76ers this season and how the presence of Seth Curry has changed the game for the 76ers to some extent.

Philadelphia 76ers this season

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Seth Curry in Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers this season have had the kind of performance they would’ve expected themselves to have, recording a good number of 31-21 this season. Being 6-4 in the last 10 matches.

The 76ers have consistently performed this season, already being ahead in line to qualify for the playoffs, having good chances of probably getting their hands at the NBA Championship this year. The 76ers will probably look to make the best out of the form that they are in right now, and obviously the “bum” Seth Curry.

Seth Curry’s highlights in the 2020-21 season

Let us take a closer look at some of the reactions people had towards Doc’s comments.

Twitter reacts to Doc’s comments on Seth Curry The funny reactions do bring out the funny side of twitter, also testifying to the fact that Seth Curry is of great utility to the team, and holds great value due to him filling the gaps in the team that might’ve existed which caused the team to often face heat for not performing the way they were expected to.

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