“I do what it takes for the win” Cole Anthony drops down his shorts to distract Desmond Bane from making game-winning Free-Throw in the Rising Stars game

Winning by hook or by crook took a weird turn in the NBA Rising Stars game as Cole Anthony dropped down his shorts in order to distract the opposition’s Desmond Bane from making a free throw.

Cole Anthony
Cole Anthony

Cole Anthony did what he had to do in order to give his team, Team Worthy, the much-needed win in the latest format of the NBA Rising Stars game which took place between Team Worthy and Team Isiah. Even with this weird antic, Cole Anthony wasn’t able to distract Desmond Bane from hitting the free-throw, and all of it went into waste as his exquisite effort failed. Though what is appreciable the player’s desire to do whatever it takes in order to get the dub.

This year the Rising Star game followed a new format which we shall discuss further in this article and how Team Isiah took down Team Worthy in a close matchup full of thrillers and funny moments just like the one our main man, Cole Anthony presented.

Let us now take a deeper dive into the specifics of how and why did Cole Anthony drop his pants in an inadequate effort to make his team win.

Cole Anthony drops his pants, fails in effort to distract Desmond Bane

Cole Anthony
Cole Anthony

The tactics to distract people from landing free-throws has changed throughout the years and now it isn’t only limited to the die-hard fans of the teams but it has also seeped into the players to motivate them to do whatever it takes in order to get the dub. You gotta do what you gotta do, and that is exactly the mantra Cole Anthony was seemingly following in Team Worthy’s matchup against Team Isiah.

The game which was a very close matchup between both the teams at one point had the score of 48-49 in favor of Team Worthy which is when it all came down to Desmond Bane who has averaged over 90% in free throws this year which is definitely a scary number, and keeping that in mind, Cole Anthony seemingly had a solution in his mind ready, which he thought would stop Bane from landing the free throw. Desmond Bane landed the first free throw which is when something dawned upon Anthony.

After Bane landed the first free throw which brought the score to an equal of 49-49 and either of the teams were just one point away from getting the victory in a 50-point goal match, Bane’s stats regarding the free-throws probably dawned upon Cole Anthony and he decided that he needed to use the weirdest tactic that he had in order to stop the team from losing. As Bane went for the shot, Anthony pulled down his shorts and turned towards Bane in an effort to distract him from his goal and turn his attention to… something else, to say the least.

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Alas, Bane still managed to hit the free-throw and Team Isiah took a close margin victory against team Worthy even despite the hard work put in by Anthony which left everyone surprised and definitely gave the internet a good laugh.

Let us now take a look at the match between Team Isiah and Team Worthy in the newest format of the NBA Rising Stars game which took place for the first time this year and involved 4 teams competing in a total of 3 games unlike the 1 game format that is always followed.

Team Isiah vs Team Worthy, 50-49

NBA Rising Star Game
NBA Rising Star Game

This year’s NBA Rising Star game followed a new format where 4 teams would compete in a total of 3 matches to get the NBA Rising Star team title, and would involve 2 semifinals and 1 final in order to reach its conclusion.

In the first semifinal, Team Isiah took on Team Worthy and won the match with a close 1-point margin at 50-49 as the team who would score 50 points first would win.

In an inadequate effort by Team Worthy, Jalen Green scored 20 out of the 49 points for the team, followed by Jalen Suggs who scored 16 points.

In an overall effort by Team Isiah led the way with 16 points followed by Bane who scored 10 points and Isiah Stewart who scored 10 points as well.


Team Isiah vs Team Worthy Highlights

With this win, Team Isiah become the first team to qualify for the finals.

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