“I’m Losing to the Clippers. Somebody Getting Beat Up That Night” Shaquille O’Neal highlights the major fault in LeBron James’ Lakers after Clippers run rampage all over LA

Why is Shaquille O'Neal so annoyed after the Lakers lost against their hallway rivals?

Shaquille O'Neal criticizes LeBron James after losing the game against the city rivals
Shaquille O'Neal criticizes LeBron James after losing the game against the city rivals

Lakers led by LeBron James are showing no sign of improving their records and dominating their city rival in the league which TNT analyst and former NBA champ Shaquille O’Neal highlighted in the latest episode of ‘Inside the NBA’. The Lakers with Lebron are going through their worst season and now their loss to the Clippers has been the most embarrassing for them.

The Lakers lost to the Clippers that is missing its core star players like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Norman Powell in the game. While the Lakers are full of all-stars and losing to a short-handed team by a huge margin of 132-111 has brought them nothing but shame. The franchise is now on a seven-game losing streak against their “rivals” and it seems former Lakers’ center Shaquille O’Neal can’t ignore this.

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Here’s what Shaq discussed on the NBA TNT after the Lakers recent loss

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Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James

Shaq was looking aggressive and was unhappy about how the current Lakers are just giving the games in the hand of the arch-rivals twice in just one week. He also felt displeased that the Lakers are not looking frustrated even after losing the games to the Clippers.

“I think I see what the problem is,” said Shaquille O’Neal. “Well, what is it?” asked Kenny Smith. Then Shaq added, “Nobody’s mad. I’m telling now I’m losing to the Clippers I’m I’m… Somebody getting beat up that night in the locker room.”

When Ernie Johnson interrupted, “That’s not the problem.” Shaq highlighted the major fault in the current LeBron James Lakers squad.

He said, “No but I’m just saying, they seem to me like I don’t have no expectations and I don’t care and they’re the better team. I ain’t never saying a club is a better team. I’m saying that the problem for me is ain’t nobody mad. I’d have been pissed if i lost to the club where Reggie Jackson out there C-walking and dancing with the damn bird.”

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Why is Shaquille O’Neal so much annoyed after the Lakers lost against their hallway rivals?

There is a reason why Shaq is so annoyed by the bad performance of his former team against the Clippers. When Shaq was with the Lakers, he faced the city rivals numerous times and proved his dominance over them, he is 23-2 against Los Angeles Clippers, and due to which Shaq doesn’t want to see his former team getting “beat up” so much.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

This was the straight fourth-game loss for the Lakers led by LeBron James after the all-star weekend, while their chance to grab a place in playoffs is getting slipped as they are currently in the ninth seed of the western conference and now only a miracle can help them as no progress in their game have been noticed yet.

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