“In the best offensive zone in my career” LeBron James urges to follow the same path despite Lakers’ lacklustre struggles in 2021-22 season

“In the best offensive zone in my career” LeBron James urges to follow the same path despite Lakers’ lacklustre struggles in 2021-22 season

LeBron James for the Lakers

The face of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James scored 33 points in their match against one of Lebron’s former teams, Miami Heats. Though it wasn’t enough for the Lakers to win, and they lost to the Heat by 113-107, LeBron managed to put up 33 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists in the 40 minutes that he played.

After their most recent encounter against the Miami Heat, LeBron is averaging 32.5 points over the last 17 games, accentuating the


form he has been in.

These stats show better numbers than James’ overall average this season, which currently stand at 29 points, 7.7 rebounds and 6.3 assists, and LeBron seems to be playing better offensively in the past few games, which he also stated in the post-match interview that he had after the Lakers’ game with the Heat.

Let’s take a closer look at what James had to say regarding their performance and his performance since the past few matches.


LeBron James in the post-match interview

LeBron James in the Post-Match Presser

James didn’t seem very disappointed with the Lakers’ loss to the Heat and stated, “That’s just how the game’s been going” he then added “I don’t need to score 30 a night but I’m in one of the best zones I’ve been offensively in my career and I don’t plan on stopping it. It’s just how I feel. I feel fantastic.”

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James’ performances in the past few matches back up his claims, and reiterate that the 4-time champion at a personal level hasn’t faced a lot of problems in the past few games, averaging 32.5 in the last 17 games and scoring over 30 points consistently in the past 5 games where the Lakers have been 2-3.

LeBron James

James stated that it wasn’t necessarily that the team required him to score more than 30 points every single time for them to remain in the match, but it was just how the games were going and it wasn’t a burden on his shoulders to carry forward the team alone.

James has always been a team player, which shows in all of his performances, and has been lauded for the comments that he made in the interview which we shall take a look at in the coming sections.

Lakers’ performance this season

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers haven’t had a very good run this season. Standing 8th in the points table in the western conference behind the Minnesota Timberwolves and other team like the Nuggets and the Mavericks.


The Lakers have had a 23-24 run so far in this season which definitely aren’t the numbers they’re looking for.

Though LeBron might deny it, the entire workload of the Lakers seems to be falling on James’ shoulders and to some extent he’s even managing to take the team forward, but a sole player performing at such a high level hasn’t done much good to the Lakers and it shows.

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook
LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

With the inconsistent performances by their star player Russel Westbrook, accompanied by the absence of Anthony Davis due to an MCL Sprain in his left knee, the Lakers seem to have been having a slumpy run this season, and to turn the tides in favour of them, Westbrook needs to regain his form, and all their players need to perform.



LA Lakers vs Miami Heat

Twitter Reacts to James’ statements in the post-match presser

Despite the team’s performance this season, LeBron seems to be positive about the situation and doesn’t blame them for the excessive load that he has to handle due the other players’ inconsistency. Now it for the Lakers to decide how they can change this situation and bring the team back on track to remain in championship contention, because as long as only one player performs and rest of the team sleeps, things aren’t going to work out for the LA Lakers.

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