Ja Morant’s savage act to clap back at critics after career-high performance vs Bulls

JA Morant had a career high night against the Chicago Bulls and the player didn’t miss the opportunity to leave a mark and clap back at the people disrespecting him.

Ja Morant
Ja Morant

JA Morant gave a massive statement after the Chicago Bulls had to face the wrath of the player who led the way for the Memphis Grizzlies with a career night, and dominated the play in order to get the Grizzlies a much-needed dub after their loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, which led to the critics questioning Morant’s credibility accompanied by questions regarding him enjoying and drinking a bit too much liquor during the All-Star break.

Morant left no stone unturned in his quest to prove himself to the league, the entire world watching him and specifically the critics who went on to target the player for enjoying the All-Star Break, after which, he had to prove himself and clap back at the naysayers.

JA Morant led the way for the Memphis Grizzlies with a masterful record as he had a career high night himself and also set a franchise record for the Grizzlies, which comes at a really crucial point as the team stands at the 3rd position in the Western Conference table and is trying to build a comfortable cushion for itself in order to go into the playoffs confidently.

With what was seen from the performance by Morant, it is now sure that the 22-year-old, who currently has his 3rd season going on in the NBA, is nothing less than a gifted player, who precisely know show to use his abilities in the best possible way, as he helped his team cruise past the tough as nails Chicago Bulls, and has put his team at a comfortable high spot in the table this season.

The Grizzlies who have now won 7 of their last 10 games have been feeding off this energy from Morant who has carried his team along with other players who have supported him in his quest of achieving such hight feats.

Let us now take a closer look at what Morant had to say in the Post Match interview after the Grizzlies’ comfortable win against the Chicago Bulls which was accompanied by Morant’s career high night and a broken franchise record for his team.

JA Morant claps back at haters with a Career High night to answer their questions

JA Morant
JA Morant

JA Morant is a player who is going to have answers to all of the questions you pose in front of him, and the man does it with style as he did the same in the Grizzlies’ match against the Chicago Bulls being led by DeMar DeRozan.

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JA Morant had a career high night in his match against the Bulls as the man scored a humongous 46 points accompanied by 3 assists and 4 rebounds as he led he way for his team to push through the Bulls’ form and get the win against the latter. Morant also broke the Grizzlies’ franchise record for points with his performance, setting the standard very high for all the players his age, and the ones who look forward to him.

Morant who became an All-Star this year was questioned for enjoying his life during the All-Star Break and that didn’t sit very well with him, and therefore, he had to get back at the critics who were firing shots at him.

JA Morant was questioned by Critics during the All-Star break for “drinking too much liquor” as the player enjoyed his life and had to get back to the critics in some or the other way. Morant in the post-match interview found the perfect moment to take shots at all the critics and said the absolute perfect thing. Morant said, “And for y’all, here goes a shot of Casamigos since that was the problem last game” as he picked up the cup next to him in the post-game press conference and seemingly answered all of the critics’ questions.

Let us now take a closer look at Grizzlies’ and specifically Morant’s performance against the Chicago Bulls.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls, 116-110

JA Morant
JA Morant

Memphis Grizzlies in a comfortable effort feeding off of the form of JA Morant who had a career high night took the dub against their rival team, Chicago Bulls as the latter couldn’t move past the wall put up by Morant.

Morant led the way for his team with 46 points, 3 assists and 4 rebounds followed by Steven Adams and Desmond Bane, both of whom scored 12 points each.


Grizzlies vs Bulls highlights

Chicago Bulls, in an inadequate effort were led by their Mid-Range Monster, DeMar DeRozan as he scored 31 points, followed by Zach Lavine who scored 28 points and then Coby White who scored 15 points.

Let us now take a look at the reactions people on twitter had to Morant’s savage Clap Back.

Twitter Reacts to JA Morant firing shots at critics

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