“Just one step behind King and Air Highness” Nikola Jokic stuns fans after falling behind only LeBron James and Michael Jordan in the all-time box plus/minus

Nikola Jokic clocking 15000 career minutes in the NBA is ranked #3 in the BPm stats behind LeBron James and the Leader Michael Jordan.

Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic is now eligible to be in the career box plus/minus leader board, he has dethroned Magic Johnson on the way and now sits at 3rd place behind LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Nikola Jokic, a savior for Denver Nuggets

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Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic has started almost all the matches for the Denver Nuggets who are playing without their 2 starters for the majority of the games, and Nikola Jokic has been a lifeline for the Nuggets who are keeping them up in the league. Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets have a better record than that of the Los Angeles Lakers who have not one, not two but three superstars in their team.

Last season MVP Nikola Jokic has a strong chance to be crowned the MVP once again this season, the Joker has proved in the night in night out about the impact he has in the games. A little reminder of it was when the Denver Nuggets played against New Orleans Pelicans, where Nikola Jokic hit a triple-double where he scored 29-points, 10 assists, and 13 rebounds, where the Nuggets emerged winners with a score of 114-105 against the Pelicans.

Nikola Jokic at #3 in the All-Time Box plus/minus leader board

Nikola Jokic - FirstSportz
Nikola Jokic

With the fact that Denver Nuggets have been without their 2 starters, the heroics of Nikola Jokic keeping the Denver Nuggets alive in the season, and having a better record than the Los Angeles Lakers, Playoffs is going to be a whole different story for them in the absence of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr, it will probably be an early exit for the reigning MVP.

When Denver Nuggets played Minnesota Timberwolves Nikola Jokic crossed the 15000 minutes mark in his career, a match where the Nuggets came out of a disappointing loss, the Joker, however, is now eligible for career box plus/minus stats and is on an all-time high.

In simple words the Box plus/minus statistics is an indication which shows the team about which players has been making the team better on the offensive side of the court, this average is, however, at 0.0 which is also the league average, if the number is above this then it means that the player is the one responsible for the points scored per 100 possession. Nikola Jokic is 8.65, which makes him sit behind LeBron James and Michael Jordan, to get things into perspective if the player has a BPM of more than 8 it means they are in their peak season, the Joker who has just reached his prime makes it certain that he is going to become even better over time.

Mr. Efficient

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Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic is not only surprising in the BPM stat but is also leading the charts in player efficiency as well. It is quite debatable to be relying on this but he sure is in the positive, Michael Jordan is an impossible task for the Joker but it’s plausible for him to cross the King LeBron James. With just in his seventh season the Joker has already collected 70 triple-doubles in his career, it is quite fascinating to see this stat, but if he keeps going on with this consistency and efficiency, he is bound to take down LeBron James and Wilt Chamberlain in just a span of 4 years.

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