Take your jerseys off” Kevin Durant engages in a hilarious exchange with two young Knicks fans

Kevin Durant just created two new Brooklyn Nets fans after a short motivational conversation with two kids.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets got another dub added to their record after their comfortable victory against the Ney York Knicks. The team didn’t only get the win, but also got a set of young fans after a kind gesture by their marquee player who has carried them on his shoulders almost throughout the season, through controversies, injuries, trades and a lot more things which almost ruined their playoff aspirations.

The Nets who had been on a slumpy run for quite long time a few weeks ago now seem to be back on track with Durant being back and Harden’s exit from team. The trade seems to be doing them more good than harm, and that is all the team could’ve asked for.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has kept the hopes of the Brooklyn Nets alive throughout the season, even when Kyrie Irving has been absent due to his vaccine mandate fiasco and even when James Harden wasn’t playing with the team due to his own whims and fancies of going to the Philadelphia 76ers (which have finally taken place). The player singlehandedly managed to bring his team out of situations where NBA pundits felt the team would succumb to pressure. Durant isn’t only a dominant player on court, but also a person good at heart, and that was highlighted in this really sweet gesture shown by Durant post game.

The Nets vs Knicks game was a comfortable win for the former as they cruised past the latter with a 12-point margin, but Durant didn’t really seem satisfied with getting just the dub, in fact, he needed some fans and their jerseys. Let us take a closer look at this sequence where Kevin Durant made a really sweet gesture for some very young fans after the Nets’ game against the Knicks.

Kevin Durant wins hearts with this sweet gesture for some young Knicks fans

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets managed to get to comfortable victory against the New York Knicks, who have further slumped down to the 12th position while the Nets comfortable occupy the 8th position. Kevin Durant led the way for the Nets with 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds in his game against the Knicks, which is a rivalry where he has had the last say. The New York derby rivalry is something the crowd enjoys, and so does Durant, even if it includes listening to their loud boos, which power him up in order to take his team to the win.

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Such fun is something that isn’t just limited to the regular crowd, but also a few young fans who are there to enjoy the massive rivalry, to be specific, very young fans. Such was the case after the game between the Nets and the Knicks where the former ended up on top with a comfortable victory.

After the game between both the teams, Kevin Durant was seen hilariously greeting two very young Knicks fans who had the Knicks Jerseys on. When Durant spotted two very small kids in the stands while on his way to the locker room, he came up to the kids and grabbed their jerseys hilariously, asking them to remove the Knicks jerseys. Durant said, “Take these jerseys off” as everyone around them started laughing and Durant too had a good laugh before going in.  

Durant’s triple-double against the Knicks

With this kind and hilarious gesture, Durant and the Nets definitely gained two more fans. Such was the kind gesture that it is guaranteed to change the life and perspective of these young kinds for their entire life. About the match, Kevin Durant led the way for the Nets with 32 points, followed by Kyrie Irving who scored 24 points and then Seth Curry and Patty Mills who scored 15 points each. For the knicks, Alec Burks led the way with 24 points, followed by RJ Barret with 23 points and then Obi Toppin with 19 points.

Nets vs Knicks Highlights

Let us now take a closer look at the reactions people had on twitter to this hilarious gesture by Durant.

Twitter Reacts to Kevin Durant engaging in hilarious conversation with young Knicks Fans

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